Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Reservation Time Changed for Tatkal Booking – 50% Refund for Cancellation

“Changes will be brought in to the popular train ticket reservation system, which will put to shame the detractors who are insisting that it be privatized like BSNL”
It is not a simple task to travel 500 KM in just Rs.150.00! Autorickshaws charge Rs.25 per kilometer, and the fare is double during night times. The state governments can arbitrarily raise the bus fares as and when they feel. They give hundreds of reasons to justify these hikes. But, the concern they show for railway fares is surprising and baffling, to say the least.
The general public doesn’t mind paying more if they have to travel on short notice. But, these detractors feel that there has to be a guideline of sorts on how much more can be charged from them. The fact that the Centre has taken cognizance of these opinions is obvious from the reforms that are being brought to these systems.
The Tatkal Reservation facility’s timings have been changed. The decision has also been made to refund 50% of the ticket costs on cancellation.
Tatkal is a blessing for those who have to go on sudden journeys. That’s why there is a heavy demand for these tickets. Meanwhile, the Indian Railways announced that it is planning to run special Tatkal trains to ease the demand. The charges could be Rs.175 to Rs.400 more than the fares of normal trains.

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