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GS visited Postal Directorate, New Delhi from 8/6/2015 to 11/6/2015. Shri Amrindra Kumar, CHQ President, Shri Nirmala Mitra, CHQ Vice President, Shri Roop Chand Ex-GS, Shri P. Ajith Kumar AGS-I, Shri Arup Seal, Circle Secretary, WB Circle, and Shri Manjunatha Hubballi, Circle Secretary, Karnataka Circle accompanied GS during visit. GS and his team met Member (P) and other officers and during the course of visit, following issues were discussed.

Cadre restructuring of Inspector Posts cadre.

It was told that IFW has returned the file in the last week with few observations. Some of the major observations are said to be as under:

a.351 ASP posts are proposed to be upgraded to PS Gr B cadre. Number of posts for up-gradation need to be included in the proposal as per GOI MF OM No. F. No. 07-18-E(CO-ORD)-71 dated 16-09-91, up-gradation of posts in effect amount to creation of a higher posts and needs to be supported by matching saving by abolition of live posts including post lying vacant less than one year.

b. For calculation of the expenditure after restructuring, grade pay of Rs. 4200/- has been taken instead of Rs.4600/-. With the pay of Rs. 4600/- for a total number of 2102 posts of IPs after restructuring, there would not be any savings and the financial implication to the tune of Rs. 96,72,000/- would have to be adjusted.

c.Many IP / ASPs are drawing grade pay of Rs. 4800/- due to MACP, which is equivalent to GP of PS Group B and hence, there will not be any financial implication. No statistical data supporting the above is available.

d.Action required to be taken for initiating separate proposal for abolition of posts in the present ASP cadre, redeployment of the staff now working against such abolished ASP posts and if not redeployed creation of supernumerary posts of to accommodate the surplus staff as the cadre of ASP is proposed to be abolished and also creation of Inspector Posts to the extent required.

e.Need for up-gradation of posts to provide promotional opportunities to the members of the staff need to be taken into account.

f.Details of the manner in which the instructions relating to imposition of a 10% cut on posts have been implemented by the department in terms of DoP&T, OM No 2/8/2001-PIC dated 16.05.2001 also needs to be indicated.

g.No suggestion/s is mentioned for full functional justification for up-gradation.

h.Matching savings may be provided from within the cadre and financial implications of the proposal (which should be budget neutral) should be amplified.

      It was requested by the Association to speed up the movement of the file by resolving all the observations raised by IFW and file be sent to the Nodal Ministry at the earliest, as cadre restructuring files of other cadres in the department have already been sent to Nodal Ministry for approval. GS and his team collectively suggested for abolition of few IP (C&PG) posts as matching saving against the financial implications and also to avoid further observations / queries etc. from DoP&T and DoE in MOF. It was told that Directorate will take proper care while resolving the observations raised by IFW and file will be submitted to Nodal Ministry at the earliest.

2. Non holding of Review DPC and Supplementary DPC 2014-15

It was told that the work is in process & both these DPCs will be completed by the end of this month. But reports from few circles are still awaited for holding of supplementary DPC.

3. Timely convening of DPC for the promotion to the JTS Gr. A cadre and PS Gr. B cadre for the year 2015-16.

Directorate has already allotted slots to each circle to hand over copies of ACRs/APARs and reports in person by officer who is attending this work at CO. As on date, 13 circles (Rajasthan, Punjab, HP, APS, UP, Chhattisgarh, Delhi, Assam, Uttarakhand, MP, Kerala, Gujarat, AP and Haryana)  have submitted their papers / documents. The submission of papers and documents process is likely to be completed by 15/6/2015. Jharkhand circle was asked to submit their papers and documents on 9/6/2015, but nobody turned till 10th June 2015. It was told that no officer from Uttarakhand circle is in the ZoC either for promotion to JTS Gr. A cadre or PS Gr. B cadre, hence they submitted report accordingly.

Following circles are remaining to submit their papers and documents. They are called on dates shown against them. 

11/6/2015 : Karnataka/North East and J& K.
12/6/2015 : Maharashtra/Bihar/Tamil Nadu
15/6/2015 : Odisha / West Bengal

It is therefore requested to all members working in CO/RO to ensure submission of papers/documents by their circles on the allotted date/s. JTS Gr. A DPC will be convened first and thereafter regular DPC for PS Gr. B cadre will be convened.

4. Issue of seniority list of Inspector Posts cadre since 2001 onwards.

It was told that some information will be called for from circles to get the accuracy in preparation of pending seniority lists. Association requested to issue combined seniority list in phased manner, as done earlier, but this time it is likely to prepare and circulate the lists for 10 years. It is therefore requested to all members that whenever any kind of information is called on this issue, a care should be taken to supply the same immediately.

5. Reduction of quota of General Line in PS Gr. B Examination from 6% to 3%.

This will be finalized after receipt of approval for revised Recruitment Rules of PS Gr. B cadre from Nodal Ministry & UPSC.

6. Issue of revised Recruitment Rules of PS Gr. B cadre.

Draft of revised Recruitment Rules of PS Gr. B cadre is being sent to UPSC for final approval.

7. Issue of revised Recruitment Rules for the post of Assistant Manager in MMS.

Issue is said to be delayed for want of details of feeder cadre of the AMM & old RR’s thereof, as Inspector in MMS has already merged into Asst. Manager cadre. The feeder cadre of Inspector in MMS was earlier having number of hierarchy posts in the cadre. It is expected few changes in the eligibility for appearing in the examination. The work of preparation of RRs is said to be at final stage.

8. Non holding of PS Gr. B Examination for the year 2013 and 2014.

Holding of examination work is likely to be entrusted to Staff Selection Commission (SSC). It was told that Notification/s for holding of examination/s will be issued by SSC only. It will take some time. By that time, there will be no examination.

All are well aware that this request was submitted by GS to Directorate under letter No.  CHQ/IPASP/IP-Exam-12 /2012 dated 29/4/2013. See the copy of said letter on CHQ blog under label ‘GS Desk’.

9. Vigilance enquiry in the death case of Ms Mohini Gupta Ex-ASP Ajmer

Reminder will be issued to Rajasthan Circle to speed up the enquiry.

10. Inter circle Rule-38 transfer cases of Inspector Posts cadre

As per the directions of Hon’ble Member (P), a fresh list containing the names of Inspector Posts whose transferred cases are not resolved by Circles was prepared on the spot by contacting each CS’s through WhatsApp/phone etc and submitted on 10/6/2015. It was told that circles will be reminded soon.

11. Holding of periodical meeting with Hon’ble Secretary (Posts)

Date of meeting is likely to be communicated after confirmation from Secretary (Posts).

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  1. Sir,

    In your post, the calculation of the expenditure after restructuring of IP cadre and implementing Grade pay from Rs. 4200/- to Rs.4600/- is taken for GP only which means after restructing only GP will change. There are some points need to be clarified here as under:-
    1. What will be the basic(Payband + GP) of newly recruited IP through SSC.
    2. What will be the basic(Payband + GP) of IP promoted through Departmental exam.
    3. If the basic of newly recruited IP through SSC gets Rs.17140/- as basic then will the IPs already recruited in previous years also get benefitted by giving them notional increment without any arrears.
    4. The same is in the case of departmental IP(as of point no.3)