Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Declination of promotion to PS Group 'B' cadre

Following officers also said to be declined PS Gr. B promotion. 

1. Shri S. L. Meena (Rajasthan) allotted to Gujarat Circle. 
2. Shri A. N. Sushir (Maharashtra) allotted to Maharashtra Circle.
3. Shri G. M. Nandanwar (Maharashtra) allotted to Maharashtra Circle.
4. Shri M. R. Sakpal (Maharashtra) allotted to Maharashtra Circle.
6. Shri Ramkrishna Somayaji (Karnataka) allotted to Maharashtra.
7. Shri V N Shivashankara Prasad (Karnataka) allotted to Maharashtra.  
8. Shri K. Soorappan (Tamil Nadu) allotted to Maharashtra 
9. Shri S. Chenakrishnan (Tamil Nadu) allotted to West Bengal.
10.Shri S. Subbarao (Tamil Nadu) allotted to Gujarat 
11. Shri V K Gupta (Chattisgarh) allotted to Jharkhand 
12. Shri K K Soni (Chattisgarh) allotted to North East
13. Shri C R Nagaraj Rao (Karnataka) allotted to West Bengal 
14. Shri V H Nadaguda (Karnataka) allotted to West Bengal
15. Shri M V Basapur (Karnataka) allotted too West Bengal

All circle secretaries and members are requested to  contact each and every officer/s of their circle who promoted to PS Gr. B vide Directorate Memo No. 9-25/2014-SPG dated 20.2.2015 and confirm from him/her whether they have accepted the promotion or declined. 

The name(s) of the officers who declined or going to decline the promotion may be reported to GS by SMS on or before 6/4/2015 to enable him to update CHQ record. 

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