Friday, November 22, 2013

Merger of ASP cadre in to PS Gr. B cadre--- Proposal regarding.

All Circle Secretaries are requested to place the copy of proposal of merger of ASP Cadre in to PS Gr. B Cadre submitted by General Secretary to Hon'ble Secretary (Posts) on 20/11/2013 in their Circle Associations blog for the information to our members. CHQ officer bearers are requested to bring the contents of proposal to the notice of IP/ASPs in their circle. 


  1. Kuchh Toh Achhaa Ho. (At-least something go better)

    Almighty bless.
    Sunil, IP(PG), Patiala (Pb.)-147001.

  2. What are we for? Merger of IP/ASP cadres or merger of ASP/Gr-B cadres? Hope the CHQ will enlighten as to which one is the Best.We should act fast.Otherwise we will miss the bus.We should keep in mind that our IP brothers are deprived of GP of Rs.4600/- with heavy monitory loss.
    --P.S.Ramaswamy,ASP,Legal Cell, O/o the Chief PMG, Chennai-2.