Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Letter to Secretary (Posts) i/c/w Irregular and untimely issue of transfer orders in Southern Region (Tamil Nadu)

No. GS/AIAIASP/Misc/TN/2013                                          dated   6th May, 2013.

The Director General,
Department of Posts,
Dak Bhavan, Sansad Marg,
New Delhi 110 001.
Subject: Irregular and untimely issue of transfer orders in Southern Region (Tamil Nadu)  
Respected Madam,     
 This Association would like to bring to your kind notice that postal administration of Southern Region (Tamil Nadu) has issued irregular and untimely transfer orders of IP/ASP cadre under the phrase of ‘interest of service’ and that too ignoring the Directorate directives issued on Rotational Transfer policy. While the IP/ASPs are regarded as the back bone of the department in implementation of policy but at the same time they are subjected to harassment by handing them transfer orders according to sweet will of the Administration.  
2.       Circle Secretary of IP/ASP Association of Tamil Nadu Circle has informed that one ASP in Southern Region was praised for achievement in RPLI business by the Regional Administration but was transferred for not achieving targeted BPL (BS) accounts, ignoring the fact that some districts in Southern Region are drought prone areas where achievement of allotted targets are not possible to anybody.
3.       This Association would like to further bring to your kind notice that, before issue of Rotational Transfers neither the willingness of the concerned officers are called for nor vacancies were notified. Without any proper and justified reasons officers were transferred to farther places before completion of their post tenures. The representations submitted by the sufferers were also said to be not considered stating that they have not achieved the allotted targets.  Such type of adamant attitude at the Regional Administration demoralizes the cadre particularly when IP/ASPs worked hard in the adversaries. 
4.       It is therefore kindly requested to issue necessary instructions to PMG Southern Region (Tamil Nadu) to consider the request/applications of the officers and cancel the transfer orders which were issued without completion of post tenure of the officers.   
          Hoping for a positive response at the earliest.
Yours sincerely, 
(Vilas Ingale)
General Secretary


  1. PMsG/DPS/CPMsG should leave their AC cabins and visit to remote places and then only they can imagine how IP/ASPs work in remote areas. It is easy to issue transfer order or harass subordinate staff. I saw one Post man having two blocks in heart and twice he got heart attack still he was carrying 50 kgms of mail.Should we punish him for not delivering 100% mail?There are some circumstances under which one can not give 100%. Who will understand such problems? Why such administrators who are quick to transfer are not serious about GP of IPOs. These administrators are same peoples who submitted affidavit in CAT that IPOs are not comparable with other inspectors. Expectations are are high from IPOs/ASPOs . At the end I can say" Nache bandar(monkey) and maal khaye Madari(here we can say PMG/DPS/CPMG). We IPOs /ASPOs are made only monkeys by administration. Maal is eaten by IPS.
    Respected Ingle sir u please this comment on the blog as it is 100% true.
    Singh, ASP

  2. The skin of IPs/ASPs working in Southern Region become rough due to the continuous beat from Regional Administration of Southern Region, Tamilnadu.
    Yes I also agree with Singh Sir. The officers issuing transfer orders should have empathy. why these kind of Pillar to post transfers not done for higher level officers? These officers will shunt between their convenient places but the IP/ASP cadres are supposed to travel pole to pole. What a justice it is? If business achievement is their main goal, why these officers are not giving willingness to work in poor revenue giving circles? Business achievement without IP/ASP is like a sea without water . As middle level managers IP/ASP are balancing all the cadres. This kind of issuing transfer orders will lead to make fun of IP/ASP cadre by subordinate cadres . Is the performance parameter of this cadre determined by achievement of business? This is purely de-motivation and lead to non-performance.