Friday, May 31, 2013

Gradation list of PS Gr. B officers corrected upto 1/7/2013.

To view the draft gradation list of PS Gr. B officers corrected up to 1/7/2013, please CLICK HERE.


  1. So many mistakes and double entry are found in the list. Please correct/delete it after confirm from the concerned circle secretaries. For eg. T Amuthaganesan from TN Circle is now an ASP (not joined as Gp B Officer) but his name is found in the list. Next SHri. A Kumarasamy has already retired from Delhi Circle on 31-1-2013. But his name was not deleted due to his wrong date of birth as 2-10-2013. Please correct it. ALso it is not the approved one and there are so many disputes in the seniority especially from the LDCE candidates because of their inter-se-seniority was wrongly fixed by the Directorate.

  2. Sir list needs many corrections.