Thursday, November 29, 2012

Guidelines for monitoring and expeditious disposal of the disciplinary proceeding cases - reg.

To view original memo issued  by Department of Personnel & Training vide OM No.425/04/2012-AVD-IV(A) dated 29th November, 2012, please CLICK HERE.

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  1. in some departments the charge sheets for major punishment or issued on trfle nature of charges before 2 or 3 days of retirement with malafide intentions. The rule speaks that charge sheet for major punishment is to be issued for grave offences. The authorities at higher level are not reviewing the disciplinary cases. It allows to suffer the officer even after retirement. My request is that each and every charge issued to the retired officer or cases continued to be proceeded even after retirement should be reviewed at CVC or at appropriate level to assess whether it warrants to be continued for major punishment or not and orders should be issued accordingly. This will definitely bring down the pendancy of cases and will be great relief to the officers entangled with malafide intensions. R.W.Hukare, Nagpur