Friday, November 9, 2012

Appeal to ASP (HQ) to ensure proper deduction of monthly subscription from Pay and Allowances of members.

Postal Directorate vide letter No. 15/4/2002-SR dated 12/07/2012 approved amendment to Article 38 of the Constitution of our Association enhancing the monthly subscription per member from Rs 30/- to Rs 50/-.

Accordingly, monthly subscription to be recovered by DDOs from the members of our association is now Rs 50/-. It is reported by few members of our Association that, DDOs are still deducting monthly subscription of members at old rate i.e. 30/-. It is therefore requested to all members to request their DDO to deduct Rs. 50/- p.m. from pay and allowances from July, 2012. It is also request to all ASP (HQ)s to circulate the above said Postal Directorate letter among the concerned DDOs and ensure correct deduction of monthly subscription and its remittance to Circle Treasurer.

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