Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Railways may sanction 78 days bonus for the year 2011-12.

In spite of shrinking profits, Railways is likely to declare around 78 days wages as bonus to employees for the work done by them in the previous year (2011-12).

Unlike Central Government Employees Railway are entitled for productivity link bonus.As per various media news, PLB (productivity linked bonus) for railways may be disbursed before Dusshera festival.

However, Railway unions are demanding for 80 day bonus for this year.  Railway employees were paid the 78 day bonus in the previous year 2010-11.

The rough number of employees in Railways is 13.26 lakhs out of which around 1.26 lakhs employees are not eligible for bonus.

It is said that 78 days bonus might cost Railways around Rs.1000 crores.
As per the calculation procedure in the previous years, there is a ceiling of Rs.3500/- as far as monthly wage of an employee for the purpose of bonus is concerned.  In other words, if a monthly salary of an employee exceeds Rs.3500/- per month the same will be limited to Rs.3500/- per month while calculating bonus.

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