Saturday, October 13, 2012

Grade Pay of Inspector Posts - Further action for Justice

Message received from Mr. Permanand ASP (PMU) Postal Directorate in connection with present position of GP file dealt at Directorate and further action to be taken in the case for Justice is furnished herewith for the information of members of this Association.

Dear friends,

The official rejection letter of the proposal for upgradation of Grade Pay is yet to be received from the Department. However, the case has been discussed with our counsel at Ernakulam. As suggested by him, we have to challenge the rejection of Grade Pay hike by MOF before the Hon’ble CAT. As informed by the counsel, since the judgment in the earlier OA 381/2010 had been delivered by the Ernakulam Bench itself and arguments in detail was also held last time, we may expect the final order in our case within four months of filing the OA.

2. We have received the information from DoP under RTI along with the copy of the note sheet. As per the information received, the issue regarding grant of Grade Pay of Rs.4600/- to Inspector (Posts) was examined by DoP and forwarded to Ministry of Finanace and the claim was finally rejected under MOF, D/o Expenditure UO Note No. 6(7)/E.III(B)/2010 dated 24.08.2012. Hence, we will not wait for the official rejection letter. However, some of the documents have been asked from MOF under RTI on the basis of remarks noted by them on the DoP file. So, we are planning to challenge the rejection of Grade Pay hike by MOF before the Hon’ble CAT Ernakulam Bench by the end of this month or maximum by first half of November’2012.

3. We have shared the available documents with our counsel and discussed the case over phone. Further, Sh. Anto ASP, RO Ernakulam visited the counsel office at Ernakulam. Cooperation by Sh. Ajit Kurian, Circle Secretary, Kerala Circle and Sh. Anto is very much appreciated. As per the discussion held with the counsel, All India Association of Inspectors & ASPOs may become a party in this case, if they desire so. The cost of this case is expected 1 - 1.2 lakhs. If the Association wishes to finance for the case, they may do so. Otherwise, plan for collection of fund will be informed in the blog later on. Decision in this regard by the Association may be taken in the CWC meeting scheduled to be held on 12th & 13th October’2012. Our GS has already been requested through email as I am not in a position to attend the CWC meeting due to some unavoidable reason.

4. RTI Information received from DoP has already been shared. Following information have been asked last month under RTI from Department of Extpenditure, MOF:
a) What was the basis of evaluation by the 6th Central Pay Commission (CPC) for granting common pay scale/grade pay for the cadres in Grade pay of Rs.4200 & Rs.4600. The comparative Analysis report / Evaluation sheet of 6th CPC for all cadres in Grade pay Rs. 4200 & Rs.4600 may please be provided.

b) The details of the basis for increase in pay scale of Inspectors CBEC/CBDT from Rs.5500-9000 to Rs.6500-10500 w.e.f 21.04.2004 along with the note sheet of the relevant file may please be provided.

c) The details of the basis for increase in pay scale of Assistants in CSS from Rs.5500-9000 to Rs.6500-10500 w.e.f 15.09.2006 along with the note sheet of the relevant file may please be provided.

d) Documents available for establishing the “Traditional Parity” / wholesale identity between Inspectors CBEC/CBDT and Assistants in CSS may please be supplied.

e) What was the basis of job evaluation carried out by the 5thCPC & 6thCPC for Inspector (Posts) and granting equal pay scale/Grade pay to Inspector (Posts) and Inspectors CBDT/CBEC & Assistants in CSS ? The copy of the related documents may please be supplied.

f) The details regarding comparison of “Duties & Responsibilities” of Inspectors CBDT/CBEC and Inspector (Posts) may please be provided. Whether, on the basis of that comparison, the Inspectors CBDT/CBEC and Inspector (Posts) may be placed in the same pay scale/grade pay? If not, the details of the reasons may also be furnished.

g) The details of the feeder cadres and their promotional cadres carrying the same grade Pay, under all Ministries /Department of the central Government, may please be provided. The policy adopted at the time of promotion to a post carrying the same Grade Pay may also be intimated.

h) The details of the action taken till date on the order of the Hon’ble CAT Ernakulam Bench dated 19.10.2011 in OA No.381/2010 (wherein Secretary, Ministry of Finance was the first respondent) regarding upgradation of grade pay of Inspector Posts from Rs.4200 to Rs.4600 may please be provided. Copy of the note sheets of the relevant file of the Department of Expenditure may also be provided.”

5. Your valuable comments are invited. Further, more & more information, useful for our case may be asked from Department Of Expenditure under RTI and shared.


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