Wednesday, February 4, 2009

News letter No.02/2009

Dear friends,

Sub: Visit to Directorate on 21st to 23rd January 2009

Visited Directorate along with our CHQ Treasurer, Sri.S.Ravi & our former President Sri.P.R.Satyanarayanan (now Retd.). Called on the Secretary (Posts) on 21st January 2009 and expressed my gratitude for the concern shown by the respected Madam on our cadre.

1. The matter regarding delay in convening DPC for promotion to the cadre of PS Group ‘B’ was brought to the notice of DG and a Memorandum was given requesting the Department to convene DPC early and release the list by June every year to suit to the academic needs of our wards. Copy of the letter is attached.

2. The problem relating to claiming of TA/DA by producing ‘food bill’ was also discussed in detail with DG, Member (P) & DDG (Estt.). We have already taken up the case during November 2008. The Department has also strongly recommended our demand and sent letter to Ministry of Finance requesting to issue orders for waiver of food bill. But the Finance Ministry refused to budge in. There was enormous pressure from other Departments and Ministries also. We presented another Memorandum on 21st January 2009 to reconsider the case. IPs & ASPs are touring extensively in rural areas. They are compelled to take food in the hotels/food courts in villages which are normally substandard and unhygienic. They do not issue cash receipt/bills. In the absence of food bills we cannot claim the TA/DA. We are the most affected lot. So we required DG to once again take up the case with Finance Ministry. Copy of our letter dated 21.1.09 is attached for your information. Our demand was accepted and the Ministry of Finance has issued orders to the effect that Daily Allowance can be claimed at old rates if food bills are not produced and DA can be claimed at new rates if food bills are produced. Copy of the Memo No.19030/3/2008-E.IV dated 22.1.09 received from Ministry of Finance is attached.

3. The following cases have also been taken up with the Department for early settlement:

(a) Up-gradation of 240 posts – implementation of Second Cadre review recommendations. (II CRC)

(b) Early finalisation of DPC for promotion to the cadre of Group ‘Á’(JTS)

(c) Permission for reimbursement of mobile phone recharge coupon to IP/ASP of all Circle, uniformly.

4. Re-organisation of Sub Divisions

There is a proposal in the Department to place all Sub Divisions under the control of ASPs. The existing Sub Divisional Inspectors will be attached to respective Divisions. In this process around 450 Sub Divisions which are presently manned by Inspectors will be upgraded to ASP, Sub Division. ASP, Sub Division will be wholly incharge of administrative work. He/She will be allotted inspection work to certain percentage. The remaining work related to inspection and visits will be fully allotted to the IPs attached to Divisions. All the posts of ASP (HQ) will be shifted to Sub Divisions. ASP (HQ) will be manned by Inspector Posts with the redesignation – Inspector (Admin). All the post of ASP (OD) or ASP(R) will remain with Divisional office as it is. Writing CRs, sanction of GPF and power like such will be conferred on all ASP, Sub Divisions. All Sub Divisions will be provided with Lap-top. ASP, Sub Divisions will be conferred with certain amount of Administrative and financial powers. This matter was discussed with me in detail by the officers in Directorate.

Suggestions and views are invited from Circle Secretary & all Members of our Association.

5. Upgradation of Pay Scales

We have already presented a Memorandum in detail regarding the pay anomaly, arisen out of implementaion of 6th Central Pay Commission. Now the Government of India has issued orders to form Anomaly Committee by the respective Department headed by an Officer not below the rank of Joint Secretary & to settle all pay related anomalies within a period of 6 months. An Anomaly Committee will be constituted by our Department very soon. We have to present our case before the Committee. A Memorandum addressed to the Chairman, Pay Anomaly Committee, Department of Posts is prepared for presentation. Copy of the same is attached for information to all members.

Your General Secretary was earlier allotted to Maharashtra Circle on promotion to PS Group ‘B’ cadre. Now the order has been modified and allotted to Postal Directorate. I am likely to join as AD (Rural Business) in the Directorate during the month of March 2009.

Wish you all the best.

(S.Samuel) General Secretary

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