Saturday, July 18, 2015

Requirement at CWC from circles....

Napier Museum Trivandrum 
Members who are attending CWC at Trivandrum are requested to come up with the following information.

1.  Division wise information of non payment of PLI/RPLI incentives in softcopy and also in hard copy.

2.   Vacancy position of Direct Recruit IPs for the year 2014. We have already collected information of 2013, and we got 121 candidates from Directorate. 

3.   Copies of audited accounts of circle branch for last 3 years.

4.   Copies of Annual Reports of circle branch for last 3 years.

5.   Division wise status of membership verification with working strength and forms received so far.

6.   Post wise vacancy position of JTS Gr. A as on 1/8/2015.

All the above information is required for the benefit of the cadre and Association. Each CS is responsible for submission of this information to CHQ. The names of circles who fail to submit information on above points to CHQ at Trivandrum itself their names will be published on CHQ blog. 

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