Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Race for migration to CSB in DOP

Yesterday and today following Head Post Offices migrated to CSB platform 

1) Maharashtra : Ratnagiri HO, Sangli HO (Goa Region) and Napgur City HO

2) Karnataka : Arsikere HO (SK Region) 

3) Tamil Nadu : Salem HO 

4) Uttar Pradesh : Pratapgarh HO (Allahabad Region)

Shri S. Kandula SSPOs, Chandrapur Div inaugurated Nagpur City HO. Shri B M Meshram SSPOs, Nagpur City, Shri M.S. Bharadwaj Retired SSPOs, Nagpur MFL Div and Shri P. B. Selukar PM (IP Line) Nagpur City HO in pic.  
Ms Aindri Anuragh PMG SK Region Bangalore, Sri L K Dash DPS SK Region, Sri Laxmikeshava AD SK RO, Sri Chandrashekar Achar SSPO Hassan and Sri B M Shankarappa ASP Arsikeri Sub Division were present during the inauguration ceremony

Shri Krishna Prakash Yadav DPS Allahabad inaugurated Pratapgarh HO

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  1. Correctly said. This is very unfortunate that all the HOs are rushed to migrate to CBS platform without knowing the ground realities. For eg The silent accounts and its treatment etc. I afraid that this may (Rushing) result one more major debacle like we had faced during RD decentralization.