Monday, October 3, 2011

Regarding work distribution to Sub- Divisional Heads

Copy of the CPMG, Rajasthan Circle, Jaipur letter No. O & M/10-1/Instructions dated 21.09.2011 is reproduced below for information of all members of the Association. All Circle Secretaries are requested to take up this issue with their CPMsG.

                                                 Department of Posts, India
                                % The Chief Postmaster General, Rajasthan Circle,

                                                       All the Divisional Heads, Jaipur Region

No. O & M/ 10-1/ Instructions                             Dated at Jaipur, the 21.09.2011

Sub :-  Regarding work distribution to Sub- Divisional Heads     

           On the above context, the undersigned has been directed to say that -
1. All the Sub- Divisional Heads may be provided official assistance of 1/2 day daily from the Post Office staff where Sub-Division is located. All the concerned Divisional Heads will provide a Postal Assistant of PO staff who is efficient to work on computer to the Sub- Divisional Heads of their jurisdiction for assistance for 1/2 day daily. Memo of Distribution of Work (MODOW) be changed accordingly.
2. All the targets by the Divisional Heads to be allotted to Post Offices (operative units) in consultation with Sub- Divisional Heads. A Monitoring System may be put in place for effective monitoring by respective account offices.
3. Inspection Rooms for Inspectors/ASPs at important locations to be created. The existing IRs be modernised on priority basis.

                                                                                                                    (Dushyant Mudgal)  
                                                                                                  Asstt. Postmaster General (S&V) 

Copy for information, guidance and necessary action to :-       
1. The Postmaster General Ajmer/ Jodhpur
2. All the Sub- Divisional Heads Jaipur Region                        

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