Friday, January 22, 2010

All the existing EDSOs will be downgraded as BOs before 28.2.2010 as there is no much distinction between the functioning of the EDSOs and BOs

Directorate has issued orders vide letter dated 14.1.2010 to take action for downgrading all EDSOs as BOs before 28.2.2010 after considering the recommendations given by the One-man committee chaired by Shri R.S. Nataraja Murti.

Present incumbents holding the post of GDS SPM wil be given protection in the TRCA scale of Rs 4575-85-7125 corresponding to 5 hrs/125 Points. The downgraded EDSO will function with the establishment of GDS SPM, GDS MD/MC depending on the justification for such a post.

It has also been ordered that if there is justification for upgradation into Departmental Sub Office, it can be upgraded by utilizing any surplus post of PA.

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