Sunday, November 15, 2009


All Central Government employees have received 2nd instalment of 6th Pay Commission arrears during this finanancial year and the arrears will be included as income of this year (2009-10) and IT will be calculated. You can form Submit Form 10E so that the arrears pertaining to the previous year can be brought back to previous years and reasses the IT. By submitting form 10E your tax may come down to some extent.

Click here to re-assess the IT and to calculate the eligible relief if Form 10E is submitted.

If you have not received exact 60% of total arrears (i.e if any adjustment is made while making payment of 60% arrears) click here to down load the calculator.

If you have received exact 60% arrears this year click here to download the calculator.

Courtesy : Postal Staff Corner

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