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Directorate has issued orders for implementation of GDS Committee vide Memo No 6-1/2009-PE-III dated 9.10.2009 the memo is available in


1.Fixation of TRCA in the revised TRCA

Basic TRCA as on 1.1.2006 + 5% increase as on 1.4.2004 multiplied by a factor of 1.74 and then adding 40% fitment as arrived at the 20th stage of pre-revised TRCA and fixation at next above the stage in the revised slab of Time Related Continuity Allowance.

TRCA to GDS engaged on or after 1.1.2006 shall be fixed at the minimum of the revised TRCA

2.Fitment table to GDS working as on 31.12.2005 is as below:-

Sl No Category of GDS Pre-revised TRCA Revised TRCA 40% Fitment to be allowed
1. GDS SPM Rs 2125-50-3125 Rs 4575-85-7125 Rs 1250
2. GDS BPM (75 points workload) Rs 1280-35-1980 Rs 2745-50-4245 Rs 792
3. GDS BPM (More than 75 points workload) Rs 1600-40-2400 Rs 3660-70-5760 Rs 960
4. GDS MD/SV (Workload upto 3 hrs 45 mts) Rs 1375-25-2125 Rs 3330-60-5130 Rs 750
5. GDS MD/SV (Workload more than 3 hrs 45 mts) Rs 1740-30-2640 Rs 4220-75-6470 Rs 936
6. GDS MC/Pkr/MM (Workload upto 3 hrs 45 Mts) Rs 1220-20-1600 Rs 2870-50-4370 Rs 640
7. GDS MC/Pkr-MM (workload more than 3 hrs 45 mts Rs 1545-25-2020 Rs 3635-65-5585 Rs 808

3.    Annual Increase (Increment)

The fixation of TRCA will be done on 1.1.2006 and the next increase will be allowed after 12 months only.  Hence, the increment in the revised TRCA would be on 1.1.2007, 1.1.2008, 1.1.2009 and so on for all.

4. DA Rate

Same as for Central Government servants (Rate of DA from 1.7.2009 - 27%)

5. Revised rate of other allowances (effect from 9.10.2009)

Nature of Allowance Existing allowance Revised allowance
OMA for GDS SPM/BPM Rs 50 p.m Rs 100 p.m
FSC Rs 10 for GDS SPM/BPM and Rs 5 for other GDS Rs 25 for GDS SPM and Rs 10 for other GDS
Boat Allowance Rs 10 per month Actual charges subject to maximum of Rs 50 per month
Cash Conveyance Allowance Rs 10 per occasion plus bus Rs 50 per month
Cycle Maintenance Allowance Rs 30 per month Rs 60 per month (condition for minimum distance of 10 Kms withdrawn)
Combined duty Allowance for BPM Rs 100 per month Rs 500 p.m for each item of work separately. Rs 250 if the delivery is made at BO village only.  Rs 250 for exchanging of mails at Bus stand or at Railway Station
Allowances for combinationof dutyes of MD/Mail conveyance Rs 75 per month Rs 25 per day subject to maximum of Rs 625 per month
Compensation to MC who are detailed for excnage of mails Rs 3 per hour subject to maximum of Rs 6 per day. Rs 6 per hour subject to a maximum of Rs 12 per day.

6. Discharge Benefits.

Nature of Benefit Present Benefits Revised Benefits
Ex-Gratia Gratuity Rs 18000 or 16.5 times of basic TRCA - Minimum service - 15 years Rs 60,000 (existing conditions remain same)
Severance amount Rs 30000 if completed 20 years of service. Rs 20,000 for  15 to 20 years of service Rs 1500 for every completed year subject to maximum of Rs 60,000 (minimum eligiblity reduced to 10 years)

7.  Maternity Grant : Woman GDS will be provided Maternity Grant equivalent to 3 months TRCA with DA for the birth of two children out of the welfare fund of the Department.  (This will take effect from 9.10.2009)

8. Bonus Limit - Not revised.  The existing ceiling of Rs 2500 will be continued.

9. Insurance - Present EDGIS rate enhanced to Rs 50 per month with insurance cover of Rs 50,000.  (The revised subscription will be effectrive from the TRCA payable for January 2010)

10.Payment of arrears

The arrears will be paid in two instalments.  40% will be paid during this financial year and 60% will be paid in the next financial year.  The first instalment of arrears should be paid before 31.10.2009. Responsibility of fixation of TRCA in the new slab rests with Divisional Superintendent of Post Office/RMS Units. In other independent units like gazetted HOs, the fixation shall be done by the Sr PM/Chief PM.  The authorities should send the statement of fixation of TRCA all GDS to the drawal and disbursing officers. 

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