Friday, November 20, 2015

Shri G.L Vardhani, Inspector line official, promotion to Postal Service, Group 'B' cadre for the year 2010-11 - order dated 20.11.2015

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  1. Sir, What about my position . My 30 juniors were promoted to GR.B. A complaint against me on false grounds by my ASP,H.Q.(then) was dismissed with remarks to issue me a warning and close the case. this kept pending w/o issuing the warning and reporting that vigilance clearance is pending which is against the orders of F.No.22034/4/2012-Est- (D) of ministry of personnel ,public grievances and pensions (Department of personnel and training) 2/11/2012 at New Delhi. wherein it very clearly mentioned about on the 3 circumstances the promotions can be denied . As such I was exempted from any of such circumstances and my case definitely should have considered even w/o any sealed cover programme. thus unnecessary litigation would have avoided.