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37th All India Conference at Bangalore

All India Association of Inspector Posts and Assistant Superintendent Posts,Karnataka Circle

Reception Committee,
XXXVII All India Conference of
Inspector Posts & Asst. Superintendent Posts Association,
Bangalore – 560 001.

The General Secretary/
All Circle Secretaries 

No. AIC/XXXVII/2012 dated at Bangalore the, 29th December, 2011.

Sub: 37th All India Conference of IP&ASPs – Bangalore.

As already communicated, the All India Conference of our association is scheduled to be held in Bangalore from 27.01.2012 to 29.01.2012. The Circle Secretaries were requested to collect donations and advertisements for the souvenir. The progress made in this direction is not yet known to the reception committee. Only a few circles have responded positively by remitting the amount collected.

It may be pointed out here that the reception committee is badly in need of monetary support. Bangalore, being a metropolitan city, nothing will move without money. For all arrangements advance payments are to be made. Therefore, it would be helpful if the circles send some advance remittance to meet the initial expenditure. Hence it is requested to kindly deposit the amount into the current account No 64087680443 of State Bank of Mysore Dr Ambedkar Veedhi Bangalore. The IFS code is SBMY004022 MICR code is 560006062.

Further, it is requested to kindly furnish the information about the delegates who are attending the conference, in the formant given below. The information should be sent my email to

Sl No      Name of the delegate        Designation       No of family members accompanying   

                Whether family accommodation required                  Ph No of the delegate

Reception Committee

Year End Review of Achievements and Initiatives of Department of Posts

Year End Review of Achievements and Initiatives of Department of Posts

Department of Posts has the largest postal network in the world. It provides postal facilities within reach of every citizen in the country through its vast network at affordable prices. During the long journey from 1857 onward, India Post network has expanded from 23,344 post offices to 1,55,035 post offices as on 31.3.2008. Of these 1,39,173 Post Offices are in rural areas and 15,862 Post Offices in urban areas with an average post office serving 7,174 people and covering an area of approximately 21.2 sq. kms. Some of the important significant events of the Department, particularly focused at Aam Aadmi are as under:-

Enrolling the citizen for ‘Aadhar’ and dispatching the ‘Aadhar’ letters

MOU between Department of Posts and Unique Identification Authority of India - A Memorandum of Understanding(MoU) was signed between Department of Posts and Unique Identification Authority of India for printing, booking, transmission and delivery of letters carrying ‘Aadhar’ numbers of the residents through Speed Post. More than 2.5 Crores of ‘Aadhar’ letters have so far been printed and dispatched by Department of Posts. Department is also working as Registrar with Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) for providing ‘Aadhar' enrollment service through select Post offices. During the year 2011(upto 1st week of Dec, 2011, over 41 lakhenrollments have been done.

Improving Mail processing and delivery

The Department of Posts has initiated Mail Network Optimization Project to improve the quality of mail processing, transmission and delivery. The project seeks to optimize the existing mail network of Department of Posts with a view to streamline core mail operations. It also seeks to bring in greater standardization and improvement in the operational processes relating to mail processing, transmission and delivery and proposes to introduce a more effective Performance Management Mechanism for mail operations.

Setting up of Automated Mail Processing Centre’s - The Department has undertaken a project to set up Automated Mail Processing Centers (AMPCs) in six major cities with a view to automate mail sorting.The letter sorting machines would be able to sort approximately 35000 articles per hour whereas the Mixed Mail Sorter would sort approximately 16000 articles per hour.
The Mixed Mail sorting machines would help in faster processing of large size letters flats and packets/ parcels through the use of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology.
Automation in mail processing would also help the department in modernization of mail network, consolidation of sorting activities and expedite mail sorting and delivery in these cities.

Creation of National Address Data Base Management System - Under this project, the Department has undertaken and initiative to put in place a national address database management system with an objective to effectively manage the address database of public/ customers, update the addresses online, and help the customers in locating correct addresses and PIN codes. The project has been completed in to two metro cities where address data up to street level has been collected and street directory prepared.

Mechanization of delivery processes - The Department has also taken steps to mechanize mail delivery in phased manner. In order to ensure better monitoring of vehicles used for mail delivery, vehicles are being equipped with the Global Positioning System (GPS) device.

Project Arrow

In this year more than 10,000 post offices are being monitored online.
The Department initiated Project Arrow in April, 2008. The project envisages up gradation of Post Offices in urban and rural areas both in terms of upgrading and enhancing the quality of service. The Prime Minister’s Award for excellence in Public Administration was received for Project Arrow-Transforming India Post-2008.

Introduction of e-enabled services

In the current calendar year, the Department of Posts supplied computer hardware and peripherals to 9,600 single handed Post Offices. By the end of December 2010, 14,415 Post Offices had been computerized in the Department. In total 24,015 Post Offices have been computerized so far.

Remotely Managed Franking System- In the wake of evolution of advanced technology in the franking system allowing not only inkjet/digital printing with more security but also creation of electronic support system facilitating remote setting of franking machines with enhanced security and transparency in accounting system, India Post have introduced Remotely Managed Franking System (RMFS) in place of existing electronic Franking Machines. Around 2,981 RMFS machines have been licensed and activated as on November, 2011.
The Department has also signed agreement with two Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to take complete responsibility of satisfactory functioning of the Remotely Managed Franking System (RMFS) server and machines associated with it.

E-Post office- E-Post office Portal was also commissioned during the current year for e-Commerce activity of the Department of Posts which provides for ‘on time sale of philatelic material.’

E-VPP (Electronic Value Payable Parcels) - E-VPP is a service made available in 1,100 post offices; herein the value of payable panel is updated and sent to the sender online by recipient, avoiding the time lag to enable him to make payment through e-payment system of the department.

eMoney Order (eMO) - The electronic money order, which has been launched in October 2008, facilitates transmission of ordinary money orders through electronic media. India Post has also signed bilateral agreement for exchange of electronic international money order service with Emirates posts, UAE.

Contributing to the financial inclusion of the rural people:

Wage disbursal under Mahatma Gandhi National Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA)- Extensive rural postal network of the country is actively engaged in disbursal of wages of MGNREGA with high levels of efficiency. During the year 2011 the Post Offices disbursed about Rs. 6,000 crore by September, 2011 through about 5.27 crore savings accounts of MGNREGA workers standing in the Post Offices. Thus, the Department of Posts significantly contributed towards the success of this unique social security arrangement of unprecedented scale.

Financial Inclusion of Below Poverty Line (BPL) Household- Department of Posts leveraged its network and outreach to financially include BPL households by targeting them for opening their savings accounts in the Post Offices and thus providing them with access to savings services. During the year 2011 more than 84.77 lakh households were financially included through this initiative by October, 2011.

Collection of Data for Computing Rural Consumer Price Indices-MOS&PI (Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation)approached Department of Posts for collection of relevant data from rural areas for the MOS&PI. This would directly help policymaking for rural economy on various important issues. MoU was signed between MOS&PI and Department Posts to collect data on the prices being paid by the consumers in rural areas for selected consumer goods. Due to engagement of Department of Posts it was possible for the Ministry to bring out Rural Consumer Price Index and All India Consumer Price Index in February 2011, for the first time. Since then the Consumer Price Index is being regularly computed and issued by MOS&PI in each month.
Data for Rural CPI is collected for 1181 villages across the country every month. The Branch Post Masters (BPM) concerned ct prices of 185 to 292 commodities from the local market on the weeks fixed for each village.
Other significant initiatives

RGI Logistic Project – Distribution of census materials through Logistics Post was a massive project and it is managed under a Project model. With a vast network of post offices across the country, India Post could arrange for the distribution of the materials in an effective manner. This helped Registrar General of India(RGI) to undertake mammoth task of reaching every citizen of India and conduct the census remuneration work successfully. Distribution project of the census consignments was handled in two phases.
In order to facilitate the operations, which started in last week of December 2010 and Logistics Post booking counters were established in all the printing presses and consignments were transmitted through multimodal transport system in order to effect the timely, safe and secure delivery of the census consignments.
During the phase 2 operations of the project, 9967 MT of census materials was distributed by India Post to nearly 12,000 locations across the country including Reverse Logistics services for collection and distribution of the census materials from the Census Offices in the Talukas/ Municipalities etc. to Directorate of Census Operations in each State as well as Data Scanning Centers.
A web page has also been developed in order to provide real time tracking of the census consignments and to monitor the progress of the project.

Flat Rate Parcel Service (Domestic) - With the Indian economy growing at a fast pace, the express parcel industry has been growing consistently. As a part of business strategy and with a view to restructure its parcel business, Department of Post launched Flat Rate Parcel (Domestic) Service during February 2011.
Flat Rate Parcel provides an added convenience to the customers by offering pre-paid boxes in different weight slab as per the requirement of customers. It is an air express service under the brand 'Parcel Post' and provides time bound delivery of parcels. These boxes available in three capacities viz. 1 Kg, 2.5 Kg and 5 Kg are specially designed to ensure safe and secure transmission and delivery of the consignments. Sold at identified Post Offices only these can be booked at all computerized Post Offices.
ePost - ePost, a hybrid mail service is presently available in 3998 Post offices. During the year 2011(upto Nov, 2011), 9.92 lakh of messages have been sent and Rs.81.07 lakh earned as e-post charges.

Passenger Reservation System(PRS) - In order to provide Railway Tickets through convenient locations, Railway Reservations Tickets of all classes are being sold at the Post office in association with Ministry of Railways (MOR). The service is presently available at 172 Post offices and network is being further extended. During the year 2011 (upto October, 2011), DoP earned Rs.2.04 Crores as commission by issuing 13.73 lakh tickets through Post Offices.

Sale of Gold Coins - India Post sells 24 carat Gold coins of the denomination of 0.5 g, 1g, 5g, 8g, 10g, 20g and 50g through select Post offices. The Service is presently available in 728 Post offices. During the year 2011(upto Nov, 2011), the Department earned Rs.6.25Crores as commission by selling 591.4 KG of Gold Coins.

Creating “Financial Awareness” –This year National Stock Exchange signed an MOU with India Post for installation of LCD TVs in select Post offices for creating “Financial Awareness” among the public.

Round Table Conference - A Round Table Conference on “Partnering India Post: 2012 and Beyond” was organized by the Department of Posts at Hotel Ashok in July 2011. Key stakeholders from Banking/ Insurance/ Telecom/ FMCG/ IT/ e-Commerce/ Logistics/ Publications/ Financial Institutions/ Government Ministries & Departments/ Industry Associations/ Academic Sector participated in the Conference and engaged into discussions to give shape to the India Post 2012 Project and explore strategic tie-ups with India Post.

Customer Care

Customer Grievance Redressal Mechanism- The system of acceptance/receipt of complaints in the Department of Posts is readily accessible to the public. Each post office works as a receiving point for complaints. The Department has also introduced the facility for customers to register complaints online at its website from the year 2001. The reach of upgraded interconnectedComputerised Customer Care software for grievance handling is being widened and it is expected to cover 10,459 Post Offices during the current financial year (2011-12).

Implementation of RightTo Information Act, 2005 - CAPIO module developed by NIC for use of the department has been made functional in 4707 Post Offices. Offices selected under Project Arrow are being authorized to act as Central Assistant Public Information Officers (CAPIOs) in addition to the existing ones. Besides this, Department has appointed 845 CPIOs to facilitate Right to Information Act, 2005 in the Department of Posts.

International Relations

India Post successfully hosted the meeting of the Board of Trustees (BOT) of the Quality of Service Fund of Universal Postal Union in July, 2011. The Board of Trustees comprising 9 elected members from different geographical regions of the world is responsible to oversee appropriate distribution and approval of projects that merit QSF funding. India Post is one of the nine elected members of the BOT.

Department of Post hosted a meeting of an Expert Group of postal administrations of SAARC countries in New Delhi on 15th and 16th of September, 2011 to discuss the Constitution and General Regulations of proposed South Asian Postal Union(SAPU). The meeting was convened successfully with the necessary quorum. Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Nepal could not attend the meeting. They however, expressed their strong support for creation of SAPU. A joint statement proposed by the Chairman was signed by the Expert Group requesting SAARC Chair to announce the formation of South Asian Postal Union. SAPU would promote cooperation among Postal Administrations and improve services in the region, development of common terminal charges and lower postage rates based on regional costing rather than the current system which is based on world averages, facilitate human resource development and sharing of best practices in postal sector.

The Cabinet approved the proposal to join the proposed SAPU comprising of SAARC member countries. The Cabinet also approved the setting up of an ad-hoc Secretariat for the SAPU at New Delhi which will be headed by an interim Secretary General from Department of Posts, Government of India.

Source: PIB Release dated 28th December, 2011.

Monday, December 26, 2011

LDCE for promotion to the cadre of Sr. PM (Gazetted)

                                                           F No.A-34012/6/2011-DE
                                                                 Government of India
                                                     Ministry of Communications & IT

                                                                 Department of Posts
                                                                                                            Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg,
                                                                                             New Delhi, the 26th December, 2011
 Sub: Limited Departmental Competitive Examination for promotion to the cadre of Senior Postmaster   (Gazetted)
        I am directed to refer to this office letter No. of even dated 03-10-2011, wherein a notification was issued for conducting Limited Departmental Competitive Examination for promotion to the cadre of Senior Postmasters (Gazetted) on 31-12-2011.
2.     The Competent Authority has now ordered to postpone the above examination until further orders. All the concerned may be informed suitably.
                                                                                                            Yours faithfully,
                                                                                                    (K. Rameswara Rao)
                                                                                                Asstt. Director General (DE)

LDCE for promotion to the cadre of Sr. Postmaster (Gazetted) postponed

Postal Directorate has ordered to postpone the LDCE for promotion to the cadre of Sr. Postmaster (Gazetted) until further orders.

Dte. letter No. A-34012/6/2011-DE dated 26.12.2011

LDCE for promotion to the cadre of Sr.Postmaster (Gazetted) reg

No. CHQ/IP-ASP/Sr Postmaster /2011 Dated: 26-12-2011

Ms.Manjula Prasher
Secretary (Posts)
Dak Bhawan, N.Delhi 110001

Sub: LDCE for promotion to the cadre of Sr.Postmaster (Gazetted) reg

Ref: Dte letter No A-34012/06/2011-DE dated 03-12-2011 & 4-58/2011-SPB-II dated 21-12-2011

Respected Madam,

Your kind attention is invited to our association letter of even number dated 18-10-2011 (copy enclosed) on the above subject.

Hon’ble CAT, Hyderabad Bench had observed in OA No 1316/2011 on 21-12-2011 that there is no prohibition for the ASPs from appearing for the examination in the existing Dept. of Posts, Sr.Postmaster(Group B Gazetted), Postmaster(Grade III & II Group B Non Gazetted) and Postmaster(Grade I Group C Non Gazetted) Recruitment Rules 2010. A copy of the order is enclosed herewith.

In view of the above, clarification issued by the SPB Division of the Directorate is not in conformity with the orders of the Hon’ble CAT. Hence, it is requested to kindly re-consider the above clarification and arrange for allowing all ASPs to appear in the above examination and hold the examination only after amending the PS Group B Recruitment Rules as examination quota is already full.

Yours sincerely,

(Roop Chand)
General Secretary

Induction Training for Inspector Posts(Direct+Departmental) at PTC Saharanpur

It has come to the notice of the CHQ that Induction Training for IP Direct will be from 23.01.2012 to 05.05.2012 and IP Departmental will be from 06.02.2012 to 05.05.2012. Information has been called for by the Director, PTC, Saharanpur from different Circles on requirment of seats.

Induction Training for Inspector Posts(Departmental) at PTC,Vadodara

Induction Training for Inspector Posts (Departmental0 will be held from 23.01.2012 to 21.04.2012 for a period of 13 weeks at stretch. No. of seats allotted for the Circles are as under :

S.No.          Name of the Circle                        Seat allotted
  1.         Chattisgarh                                            1
  2.         Gujarat                                                     10
  3.         M.P.                                                          1
  4.         Maharashtra                                           13
  5.         Orissa                                                      20
  6.         W.B.                                                          22
                 Total                                                           67

Induction Training for Inspector Posts (Direct) at PTC, Mysore

Induction Training for Inspector Posts(Direct) will be held from 23.01.2012 to 05.05.2012 for a period of 15 weeks at a stretch. No. of seats allotted for the Circles are as under :
S.No.    Name of the Circle              Seat allotted 
1.          A.P.                                                 1
2.          Assam                                             1
3.          Bihar                                             11
4.          Chattisgarh                                  1
5.          J&K                                                1
6.           M.P.                                                8
7.          Orissa                                            1
8.          T.N                                                  10
9.          U.P.                                                  7
10.        Uttarakhand                                  1
11.        W.B.                                                7
               Total                                            49                                                       

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Sr. Postmaster Examination-2011- Clarification regarding eligibility

Sr. Postmaster Examination- 2011 clarification regarding eligibility conditions.

Para 2 is reproduced below :
Dte clarified that, ASPOs holding the post on regular basis in the GP of Rs.4600 and such ASPOs who are in receipt of GP of Rs.4800 under MACP scheme are not eligible to appear in the said examination.

Dte Memo No : 4-58 / 2011-SPB II Dt. 21.12.11.

Merry Christmas-2011

Reservation for Other Backward Classes in Civil Posts and Services under the Govt. of India — Sub-quota for Minority Communities.

No.4I018/2/2011-Estt. (Res.)
Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions
Department of Personnel & Training
North Block. New Delhi- 110001
Dated the 22nd December, 2011
Subject: Reservation for Other Backward Classes in Civil Posts and Services under the Govt. of India — Sub-quota for Minority Communities.
The undersigned is directed to invite attention to this Department’s O.M. No.36012/22/93-Estt.(SCT) dated 8th September, 1993 regarding reservation for Other Backward Classes in civil posts and services under the Government of India.
2. The Government of India had set up the National Commission for Religious and Linguistic Minorities to suggest criteria for the identification of the socially and economically backward sections amongst Religious and Linguistic Minorities and to recommend measures for their welfare, including reservation in Government employment. The Commission submitted its report to the Government on 10th May. 2007, wherein it had, inter-alia, recommended creation of a sub-quota for minorities from within the reservation of 27% available to OBCs, in Government employment.
3. The Government have carefully considered the above recommendation and it has been decided to carve out a sub-quota of 4.5% for minorities, as
defined under Section 2 (c) of the National Commission for Minorities Act. 1992, from within the 27% reservation for OBCs as notified by the aforesaid O.M. The castes / communities of the said minorities which are included in the Central list of OBCs, notified state-wise from time to time by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, shall be covered by the said sub-quota.
4. Similar instructions in respect of public sector undertakings and financial institutions including public sector banks will be issued by the Department of Public Enterprises and by the Ministry of Finance respectively.
5. These orders will have effect from 1st January, 2012 and the O.M. No. 36012/22 93-Estt. (SCT), dated 8th September, 1993 stands modified to the above extent.
6. The Hindi version of the O.M, follows.
(Sharad Kumar Srivastava)
Under Secretary to the Government of India

Interim Orders of CAT, Chandigarh Bench in OA No.1328/HR/2011

OA NO. 1328-HR-2011
  1. Notice.
  2. Notice re-stay too.
  3. In the meantime, the result of LDCE to be held on 31.12.11 shall not be announced and the applicants, too, shall not be displaced from the posts they are holding.
  4. Standing Counsel for UOI accepts notice on behalf of the respondents and wants time to have instructions/file pleadings.
  5. list on 05.01.2012.

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Railways to Accept “Aadhaar” as Additional Identity Proof for E-Ticketing & Tatkal Scheme

Ministry of Railways
Railways to Accept “Aadhaar” as Additional Identity Proof for E-Ticketing & Tatkal Scheme
As “Aadhaar” is covered under the heading ‘Photo Identity Card Issued by Central/State Government’, the Ministry of Railways has decided to specifically incorporate and indicate “Aadhaar” as one of the proofs of identity acceptable for undertaking journey on e-tickets as well as under Tatkal scheme. Hence, the number of proofs of identity to be accepted for undertaking journey on e-tickets as well as under Tatkal scheme will now become 9 (nine) as mentioned below:
(i)    Voter Photo Identity Card issued by Election Commission of India.
(ii)    Passport
(iii)    PAN Card issued by Income Tax Department
(iv)    Driving License issued by RTO
(v)    Photo Identity Card issued by Central/State Government
(vi)    Student Identity Card with photograph issued by recognized School/college for their students.
(vii)    Nationalized Bank Passbook with photograph
(viii)    Credit Cards issued by Banks with laminated photograph and
(ix)    Unique Identification Card “Aadhaar” 



 IP/ASP Association of Punjab & Haryana Circle Branches have  jointly  filed  OA  in  Hon'ble  CAT, Chandigarh Bench  for the following reliefs:-
  1. Quash the letter dated 3.10.2011 by which Limited Departmental Examination for Promotion to the cadre of Sr. Postmaster(Gazetted)  has been ordered to be held on 31.12.2011 which is against the Department of Posts, Postal Supdts/Postmaster Group B Recruitment Rules, 1987 as amended from time to time as there is no vacant post in the quota prescribed under the rules as detailed in the preceding paras.
  2. Quash the letter dated 29.11.2011 by which the applicants have been informed that ASPO are not eligible for appearing in the examination.
  3. Quash the Department of Posts, Senior Postmaster (Group B Gazetted), Postmaster (Grade ‘III and II-Group B non-Gazetted) and Postmaster (Grade I-Group C Non-Gazetted) Recruitment Rules, 2010, i.e Postmasters Cadre Rules, 2010 run contrary to the Postal Services Postmaster Group B Rules, 1987 as amended from time to time, as the quota of the Inspector Line, has also been reduced from 19% and 75% by carving out the posts. 
  4. Issue direction to the respondents to consider the case of the members of the applicant No 1 Union and other applicants for promotion under these rules of 1987 in their quota and promote them from due date with all the consequential benefits and it be declared that the bifurcation of quota now carried out by the respondents is illegal, arbitrary and bereft of any discernible principle.
  5. Any other order or direction deemed fit and proper in the facts and circumstances of the case may also kindly be issued in favour of the applicants.
Above said OA no.1328/HR/2011 has been admitted by the Hon’ble CAT, Chandigarh Bench and notice of motion has been issued for 05/01/2012 with the interim orders to the Respondents. We will receive copy of the interim relief with in one or two days.

Source : IP/ASP Punjab Circle Blog

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

CAT Hyderabad Orders on Sr. Postmaster Examination

Hon'ble CAT, Hyderabad Bench allowed OA No.1316/2011 and directed the CPMG, AP Circle, Hyderabad to take the list of willing and eligible ASPs from the Association and allow them to appear in Sr. PM Examination scheduled to be held on 31.12.2011.

Complete Order dated 21.12.2011. is furnished below :-

1. MA is allowed. Registry is directed to register the OA.
2. Admit.
3. Notice.
4. As in original notification/rules, there is no prohibition for the ASPs from appearing for the examination it is directed that all the eligible ASPs shall be allowed to appear for the examination and their answer sheets shall be kept in a sealed cover without publishing their results until further orders.
5. The first applicant shall furnish a list of all eligible candidates to the 2nd respondent before 5.00 P.M. on 23.12.2011.
6. Post the matter on 19.01.2012 for filing counter.

                                                                                                              ( A.SURENDER KUMAR)
                                                                                                                     Dy, Registrar (Admn)

Source : IPASP Andhra Blog

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Existing ‘Tatkal’ Travel Facility to be Extended to Duronto Trains also

                                                       Ministry of Railways                                                                          Existing ‘Tatkal’ Travel Facility to be Extended to Duronto Trains also
The Ministry of Railways has decided to extend facility of existing ‘Tatkal’ scheme in all Duronto Express Trains also. Necessary instructions to this effect have been issued to all the Zonal Railways. The facility will become available in all Duronto Express Trains for journeys starting on 1st April, 2012 (from train originating station).
The extent of accommodation and charges to be realized for ‘Tatkal’ accommodation in different classes in Duronto Trains will be the same as applicable to the mail/express trains.

Monday, December 19, 2011


Department of Personnel & Training
Establishment (D) SENIORITY
From which date the various provisions of consolidated instructions on seniority applicable?
Unless specifically, otherwise provided against each instruction, the said instructions are effective from the date of the relevant O.M. by which they were issued, prospectively
To whom the instructions on seniority issued vide DOP&T’s O.M.No.20011/1/2008- Estt.(D) dated 10.11.2010 are applicable?
The instructions on seniority issued vide DOP&T’s O.M.No.20011/1/2008-Estt.(D) dated 11.11.2010 are applicable in determination of seniority of the Government servants in Central Civil Services and Civil Posts except such Services and Posts for which separate principles have already been issued or may be issued by the Government.
Whether the instructions on seniority issued by DOP&T are applicable to PSUs/Autonomous Bodies/Banks etc.?
No. The seniority of the officers working in PSUs/autonomous bodies/ organisations /banks are governed by regulations/instructions issued by concerned Administrative Department/ PSUs/banks etc.
How the seniority of all direct recruits is determined?
The seniority of direct recruit is in the order of merit in which they are selected for appointment on the recommendations of UPSC or other selecting authority. The persons appointed as a result of earlier selection being senior to those appointed on subsequent selection.
O.M.No.20011/1/2008-Estt.(D) dated 11.11.2010.
Whether the seniority of direct recruits is determined by the date of confirmation?
No. The relative seniority of direct recruits that used to be determined earlier according to date of confirmation and not original order of merit (in cases where confirmation was in an order different from order of merit indicated at the time of their appointment) has been discontinued with effect from 4.11.1992.
O.M. No. 20011/5/90-Estt. (D) dated 04.11.1992.
How will the inter-se seniority be fixed if a direct recruit officer joins late ?
Seniority in such cases will be determined according to O.M. No. 9/23/71-Estt.(D) dated 06.06.1978 and O.M. No.35015/2/93-Estt.(D) Dated 09.08.1995.
How seniority of candidates of two different panels is determined, in case both the panels are received on the same date?
The seniority of candidates of two different panels received on the same date is determined by the following procedure:
(i) Chronology of recommendation letter;
(ii) Where the date of recommendation letter is same, chronology of Interview Board reports and
(iii) Where both (i) and (ii) are also same, then the chronology of requisition made by the respective Ministries/Departments.
O.M. No. 20011/1/2008-Estt.(D) dated 11.11.2010.
How seniority of candidates is determined in case two results of recruitment through examination are announced for selection to same grade or post within the same year
The seniority of the candidates will be determined as per date of publication/announcement of result. The candidate of the result announced earlier shall be senior to the candidate of the result announced later.
How the seniority of the promotee officer is determined?
The inter-se seniority of a officer promoted on the basis of the recommendation of a DPC either by selection or non-selection method as per due procedure, shall be determined as in the feeder grade from which they are promoted.
O.M. No. 20011/1/2008-Estt.(D) dated 11.11.2010.
How seniority of a promotee officer is determined in cases where more than one feeder grade is prescribed for promotion to the higher grade and specific quotas are given?
In such cases, the officer in each grade assess a fit by the Departmental Promotion Committee shall be interpolated in the ratio prescribed in each grade in the Recruitment Rules for the post, for the purpose of determination of seniority(principle of rota quota)
Is a SC/ST Government servant promoted by virtue of rule of reservation entitled to consequential seniority?
Yes. A SC/ST Government servant on promotion by virtue of rule of reservation roster will be entitled for consequential seniority.
O.M. No. 22011/1/2001-Estt.(D) 21.01.2002.
Can a General/OBC category Government servant promoted through a later DPC regain his seniority of the feeder grade on promotion to higher grade?
No. A General/OBC category officer promoted through a later DPC will be placed junior to the SC/ST category Government servant promoted through earlier DPC even though by virtue of rule of reservation.
O.M. No. 22011/1/2001-Estt.(D) 21.01.2002
What is co-relation between seniority in a grade and reservation roster for other grade?
Whether a candidate is placed in the seniority list of a grade, as per his position in the reservation roster or vice-versa?
There is no co-relation between seniority in a grade and the reservation roster for the said grade. Seniority of an officer is determined as per order of merit given by UPSC or selecting authority or panel of promotion given by DPC. A reservation roster/points are meant only for identifying the vacancy that goes to a particular category of office
How the relative seniority of direct recruit and promotee is determined?
The relative seniority of direct recruit and promotee is determined according to rotation of vacancies between available direct recruits and promotees which is based on quota of vacancies reserved for direct recruitment and promotion respectively in the recruitment rules.
O.M. No. 35014/2/80-Estt.(D) dated 07.02.1986.
How year of availability in regard to determination of relative seniority of direct recruits and promotee is determined?
The year of availability, both in case of direct recruit as well as promotee, for the purpose of rotation and fixation of seniority is actual date of appointment after declaration of result/selection and completion of pre-recruitment formalities, as prescribed. The year of availability is a vacancy year in which a candidate of a particular batch of selected direct recruitment or an officer of a particular batch of promotee joins the post/service.
O.M. No. 22011/1/2006-Estt.(D) dated 03.03.2008.
Is a candidate appointed against the carry forward vacancy of earlier recruitment year, allow the seniority of the year in which the vacancy arose?
No. The seniority of direct recruits and promotees is delinked from the vacancy and year of vacancy.
O.M. No. 35014/2/80-Estt.(D) Dated 07.02.1986.
What is the starting point in the recruitment roster for the purpose of inter-se seniority of officers through direct recruitment, promotion, absorption etc.
The starting point in the recruitment roster for the purpose of inter-se seniority of officers through direct recruitment, promotion, absorption etc. will be as per provisions contained DOP&T’s O.M.No.28011/6/76- Estt.(D) dated 24th June, 1978.
How the seniority of an Officer absorbed after being on deputation or absorbed directly without being on deputation determined?
The seniority of an Officer absorbed after being on deputation or absorbed directly without being on deputation, If he has been holding already (on the date of absorption) the same or equivalent grade on regular basis in his parent department, is determined from the date he has been holding the post on deputation or the date from which he has been appointed on a regular basis to the same or equivalent grade in his parent department whichever is earlier. The fixation of seniority in aforesaid manner, however, will not effect any regular promotion to the next higher grade made prior to the date of such absorption.
O.M. No. 22011/1/2000-Estt.(D) Dated 27.03.2001.
How seniority of two or more surplus employees of a particular grade in an office determined in the event of their simultaneous selection for re-deployment in another office?
In this case, inter-se seniority in particular grade, on re-deployment in the latter office, would be the same as it was in the previous office.
O.M. No. 9/22/68-Estt. (D) Dated 06.02.1969.
How seniority of a reemployed officer determined?
For determination of seniority of re-employed officer is treated as direct recruit. Where Recruitment Rules of the post against which appointment is being made prescribed re-employment as a distinct mode of recruitment .then The inter-se seniority of persons so re-employed shall be determined in accordance with order of selection.
The relative seniority of persons so re-employed in relation to direct recruits and promotees shall be determined:
Where the Recruitment Rules prescribes specific quota for each of the categories (direct recruitment, promotion and reemployment) then seniority is determined on the basis of rotation of vacancies based on the said quota.
In other cases, on the basis of chronology of selection.
O.M. No. 20011/3/80-Estt(D) Dated 16.06.1980.
How the seniority of a meritorious sports person appointed in relaxation of Recruitment Rules determined?
Where sportsmen are recruited through the Employment Exchange or by direct advertisement and are considered along with other general category candidates, they may be assigned seniority in the order in which they are placed in the panel for selection. Where recruitment to a post is through a selection made by the Staff Selection Commission, whether by the competitive examination or otherwise, the sportsmen recruited in the department themselves should be placed en bloc junior to those who have already been recommended by the Staff Selection Commission. The inter se-seniority of sportsmen will be in the order of selection.
O.M.No.14015/1/76-Estt.(D) dated 4.8.1980.
How the seniority of a person appointed on compassionate grounds is determined?
A person appointed on compassionate ground in a particular year is placed at the bottom of all the candidates recruited/appointed through direct recruitment, promotion etc. in that year, irrespective of date of joining of candidate on compassionate appointment.
O.M. No. 20011/1/2008-Estt.(D) dated 11.11.2010.
How seniority of persons selected for appointment to different posts in the same grade requiring different qualification determined?
The seniority of persons selected for appointment to different posts in the same grade requiring different qualifications is determined as per provisions of para 4.9 of O.M. No. 20011/1/2008-Estt.(D) dated 11.11.2010.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Dopt issues FAQ on UPSC, APAR and Commercial Employment after Retirement

The Department of Personnel and Training has clarified through ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ related to UPSC, APAR and Commercial Employment after Retirement.
What are the documents to be sent to the UPSC to obtain its advice on disciplinary cases?
Answer- The instructions prescribing checklist/proforma including documents required to be sent to UPSC to obtain its views on disciplinary cases have been issued vide O.M. No. 39011/12/2009-Estt.(B) dated 10.05.2010. Reference is also to be made O.M.No. 39035/1/2011-Estt.(B) dated 10.5.2011, a copy each of which is also available in this Department's website (
(ii) Is there any provision to get UPSC's advice in disciplinary matters where the Courts have given a time limit for completion of the proceedings?
Answer — Yes, the instructions issued in this matter by this Department are contained in O.M. No. 39035/01/2011-Estt.(B) dated 10.05.2011
which is also available in this Department's website.
(iii) Can the penalty proposed to be imposed by the Disciplinary Authority be intimated to UPSC while seeking its advice ?
Answer— No. This Department's O.M. No. 39034/1/2009-Estt.(B) dated 12.01.2010 refers, which is also available in this Department's website.
(iv) What is the procedure if the Disciplinary Authority does not want to accept the UPSC's advice in a disciplinary proceeding?
Answer — The procedure to be followed while disagreeing with the advice of UPSC in a disciplinary proceedings is contained in O.M. No. 39023/02/2006-Estt.(B) dated 05.12.2006 which is also available in this Department's website.
(v) In case a Ministry wants to exclude any post which is under the purview of the UPSC as per Constitutional mandate, is it necessary that the comments of the UPSC in the matter be taken before referring the matter to the DOP&T ?
Answer — Yes.
(vi) Which are the posts exempted presently from the purview of the UPSC ?
Answer— Details of post/services exempted from consultation with UPSC have been listed in the UPSC (Exemption from Consultation) Regulations, 1958 issued by this Department amended from time to time. A copy of updated UPSC (Exemption from Consultation) Regulations, 1958 is also available in this Department's website (
(vii) What is the composition of the UPSC ?
Answer— The Union Public Service Commission consists of Chairman and ten Members.
(viii) What are the conditions of service applicable for Chairman and Members of UPSC ?
Answer — The conditions of service for Chairman and Members of the Commission are governed by the Union Public Service Commission (Members) Regulations, 1969, which generally follow those applicable to the Chief Election Commissioner/ Election Commissioners.
(ix) In which of the examinations conducted by the UPSC, candidates can write answers in any of the languages included in the Eighth Schedule to the Constitution ?
Answer—Presently only in Civil Services (Mains) Examinations conducted by the UPSC, the candidates can write answers in any of the languages included in the Eighth Schedule to the Constitution.
(i) What are the categories of posts for which the SSC makes recruitment?
Answer — SSC makes recruitment to Group 'B' (Non-Gazetted) posts and Group 'C' (non-technical) posts in the Ministries/ Departments of the Government of India including its attached and subordinate offices. The SSC also makes recruitment to certain technical posts like JEs.
(ii) What are the Regional Offices/Sub-Regional Offices of SSC?
Answer—There are 7 Regional Offices at Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bengluru, Guwahati & Allahabad and 2 Sub-Regional 0 ,  flees at
Raipur and Chandigarh. For details, the website of SSC(  may be referred to.
(i) Since when the entire remarks in the APAR is being conveyed to the officer reported upon for representation, if any ?
Answer — From the report for 2008-09 onwards.
(ii) On the basis of representation submitted for upgrading the grading in the ACR/APAR under OM dated 13.4.2010, can a review DPC be convened if the Competent Authority upgrades the grading to the benchmark level ?
Answer — The O.M. No. 21011/1/2010-Estt.A dated 13.4.2010 does not envisage any review DPC and it is concerned with future DPCs only to be held after the date of issue of the O.M.
(iii) What are the time schedule for completion of various processes in the APAR ?
Answer— Annexure—III to O.M. No. 21011/1/2005-Estt. (A) (Pt-II) dated 23rd July, 2009 refers. This O.M. is available in this Department's website.
Commercial Employment after retirement for Group 'A' Officer
(i) What are the provisions in this regard?
Answer:— Rule 10 of the CCS(Pension) Rules, 1972 has the provisions in this regard. The latest amendment to the above rule in the CCS(Pension) Rules was notified on 23.11.2006. The procedure for grant of permission to the pensioners for commercial employment after retirement has been indicated in O.M. No. 27012/5/2010-Estt.(A) dated 5.12.2006, a copy of which is available in this Department's website.
(ii) What is the procedure to grant permission to take up commercial employment after retirement in respect of officers retired at the level of JS/equivalent and above?
Answer: — The cadre authority/Ministry/Department from which the officer retired has to examine the proposal with reference to guidelines in this regard given in sub-rule(3) of Rule 10 of the CCS(Pension) Rules. After approval to the proposal by the Minister-in-charge of the cadre controlling Department of the Service to which such persons belongs to, and the Minister-in charge of the Department where such a person worked during last one year, the proposal has to be forwarded to for further processing.
(iii) What are the documents to be furnished to DOP&T when a proposal to grant permission to take up commercial employment after retirement in respect of officers retired at the level of JS/equivalent and above is to be considered by DOP&T ?
Answer:— The formal written request of the retired officer, notes examining the fulfillment of guidelines given in sub-rule(3) of Rule 10 of CCS(Pension) Rules, 1972, approval of the concerned Ministers to the proposal as explained in the previous question, the offer for commercial employment received by the retired officer, Form 25 appended to the CCS(Pension) Rules duly filled in and signed by the retired officer, an affidavit from retired officer as stated in the aforesaid O.M. dated 5.12.2006, integrity certificate for the retired officer and a check list appending the clauses (a) to (1) of sub-rule(3) of Rule 10 of CCS(Pension) Rules and the answer to such issues. The ACR APAR dossier of the retired officer should also be linked.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

37th All India Conference at Bangalore from 27.01.2012 to 29.01.2012

Karnataka Circle, Bangalore-560001
Ph: 9449848120, 9449848935, 9449848923
            We are happy to host 37th All India Conference of our Association at Bangalore, the IT Capital of India and the state capital of Karnataka, from 27th January 2012 to 29th January 2012.
            The Reception Committee has been formed and the preparation for hosting the conference is in full swing.  The Reception Committee whole heartedly welcomes the members all over India to the conference and make the conference a grand success.
            Dates of the conference:
            27.01.2012                  :  Pre Conference CWC (CWC members)
            28.01.2012                  :  Subjects Committee (Delegates)
            29.01.2012                  :  Open Session and Subjects Committee to continue.
            Venue of the conference:
            Karnataka State Govt. Employees Association Auditorium
            Cubbon Park, Bangalore-560001 (Karnataka)
  • Bangalore is well connected with trains, flights and with buses (from Southern States and Maharastra).
  • The City Railway Station and Central Bus Station of Bangalore City are located at Majestic Area (very near to each other).
  • The venue of the conference is at a distance of 2 KMs from Majestic Area.
  • All the delegates coming for conference are required to come to Bangalore City Sorting Office, outside the City Railway Station (towards platform-I – main entrance).
  • Arrangements are made to receive the delegates in Sorting Office from 26th morning – 6.00 AM.  Banners will also be displayed near the help desk in Sorting Office.
  • The delegates getting down at Yeshwanthpur Railway Station can come  to City Railway Station either by City Bus or by prepaid Auto (distance 8 KMs – auto fare Rs.60 – 70).
  • There are direct buses from Bangalore International Airport to Majestic area.(Bangalore Metropolitan Vayu Vajra buses).  The bus fare is Rs.180/- to Majestic City Bus Stand, the nearest stop to Bangalore City RMS)  There is an underground pass connecting City Bus Station to Railway Station.
  • Those coming from buses will get down at Majestic Central Bus Station and come to City Railway Station Sorting office thro’ underpass by walk only.
  • From Railway Station Sorting Office, transportation arrangements will be made to Hotel rooms which are located in the vicinity of conference venue.
  • Those coming on 26.01.2012 will have to make their own arrangements for stay, as the Hotel rooms for stay are booked from 27.01.2012 morning to 30.01.2012 evening.
  • The delegates coming before 27th January 2012 and staying after 30th January 2012 will have to make their own arrangements for stay at their expenses.
  • Delegates are requested to bring warm clothes as there would be moderate winter in Bangalore during January & February.
  • Delegation fee is Rs. 500/- per delegate and Rs. 250/- each for those family members who accompany the delegates.
  • Circle Secretaries are requested to kindly intimate the number of delegates (male / female) and their family members coming for the conference, well in advance, to enable reception committee to make arrangements for their stay.  If the delegates want family rooms, details must be conveyed to reception committee without fail.
  • All Circle Secretaries are requested to kindly deposit the money collected in State Bank Of Mysore Dr Ambedkar Veedhi Bangalore Current Account No 64087680443 as early as possible and keep with them the acknowledgement portion for settling the accounts.  This will help us to meet the expenses which are estimated to be around Rs. 8 – 10 lakhs
  • The ‘Appeal’ for collection of advertisements is enclosed herewith.  It is requested to kindly collect maximum advertisements, for printing in the Souvenir, to be brought out on the occasion of 37th All India Conference.  All the correspondence related to Souvenir may please be addressed to the following address:
                              Shri Joseph Rodrigues,
                              ASP (Technology), O/O PMG, S.K. Region,
                              GPO Building, Bangalore-560001

  • Vegetarian food will be arranged from 27th morning to 29th Night at the venue of the conference only, under Buffet System.
  • Bangalore is a centre of tourist importance.  The details will be provided at the venue of the conference.
  • The invitations for conference will be dispatched to Circle Secretaries for distribution and invitations will be posted during 1st week of January 2012.
  • For any enquiries, the members are requested to contact following officers:
      1) Shri Dinesh Khare, President (Mob: 9449848120)                       
      2) Shri Naveen Chander, Circle Secretary (Mob: 9449848923)        
      3) Shri R. Krishnan, Secretary, Reception Committee (Mob: 9449848116)
      4) Shri Joseph Rodrigues, Treasurer, Reception Committee (Mob:9449848935)

OA filed before CAT, Hyderabad Bench on Sr. Postmaster examination

 IPASP Association, A. P. Circle Branch in consultation with the CHQ has filed OA before CAT, Hyderabad Bench on not allowing ASPs to take Sr. Postmaster examination. OA will come for listing on 19.12.2011 i.e. MONDAY.     CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

LDCE for promotion to the cadre of the Sr. Postmaster

 Postal Directorate has notified following vacancies for the Sr. Postmaster examination-2011 scheduled to be held on 31.12.2011 vide No. A-34012/6/2011-DE dated 15.12.2011.

OC-68,   SC-13,    ST-06

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Issue of clarifications regarding premature closure of TD accounts

SB ORDER NO. 33/2011
Government of India
Ministry of Communications & IT
Department of Posts
Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg,
New Delhi-110001, Dated: 13.12.2011
All Heads of Circles/Regions
Addl. Director General, APS, New Delhi.       
Subject:- Issue of clarifications regarding premature closure of TD accounts.
Sir / Madam,
The undersigned is directed to refer to this office SB Order No. 27/2011 dated 24.11.2011 vide which decisions taken by Min. of Finance regarding changes in POTD scheme effective from 1.12.2011 were circulated.

2.             Some circles have asked for clarifications regarding applicability of reduction in interest rate to be charged on premature closure of TD accounts to the old accounts. It is clarified that:-
(i)            In case of premature closure of 1 Year, 2 Year, 3 Year or 5 Year account which were opened even before 1.12.2011, if the deposit is withdrawan after 6 months but before the expiry of one year from the date of deposit, simple interest at the rate applicable to from time to time to post office savings account shall be payable. The rate of interest shall be 3.5% up to the period 30.11.2011 and 4% thereafter.
(ii)           In case of premature closure of 2 Year, 3 Year or 5 Year account which were opened even before 1.12.2011, if the deposit is withdrawan after the expiry of one year from the date of deposit, interest on such deposits shall be calculated at the rate, which shall be one per cent less than the rate which was applicable at the time of opening of TD account. Interest calculation tables for the TD accounts opened before 1.12.2011 and opened on or after 1.12.2011 and applied for premature closure on or after 1.12.2011 are enclosed.

3.             It is requested that this clarification and interest calculation table may be circulated to all post offices immediately for information and necessary guidance please.

4. This issues with the approval of DDG(FS)
Yours faithfully,
(Kawal Jit Singh)
Assistant Director (SB)
Encl:- as above

Implementation of CAT, Ernakulam Judgement dt.19.10.2011 in OA No.381/2010

Today, I visited the Postal Dorectorate and met with concerned officers on the above subject. It has come to the notice of the CHQ that CAT, Ernakulam judgement is still under examination in the Department. File having certified copy of the judgement is likely to be sent to the Secretary, Department of Expenditure, MOF (Ist Respondent) with opinion of the Department for final decision in the matter shortly.
                                                                                                                             (Roop Chand)
                                                                                                                          General Secretary

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Draft Postal Training Policy

Family pension - list of documents to be submitted by a claimant member of family (other than spouse) along with Form 14. PPO and death certificate in respect of the deceased pensioner/family pensioner regarding

No, 1/16/2011- P&PW(E)
Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions
Department of Pension & Pensioners Welfare
(Desk 'E’)
3rd Floor Lok Nayak Bhavan,
New Delhi the 8th December, 2011.
Office Memorandum
Sub: Family pension - list of documents to be submitted by a claimant member of family (other than spouse) along with Form 14. PPO and death certificate in respect of the deceased pensioner/family pensioner regarding.
The Department of Pension & Pensioners Welfare has been receiving references for clarification by various Ministries/Departments of the Government regarding the documents for family pension, including certificate of income, required to be submitted by a claimant member of family (other than spouse) along with application form (Form 14), PPO and death certificate after the death of a pensioner/family pensioner. The matter was also discussed at length in the 20mth meeting of SCOVA held on 21st September, 2011 (item No. 92 of the Minutes refers). It was agreed in the meeting that a list of such documents will be made available at the website of the Department of Pension & Pensioners Welfare. It was pointed out in the meeting that it is indicated in this Departments Office Memorandum No.45/51/97-P&PW(E), dated 21.7.1999 that a self certificate for the income of those who are self employed or are in receipt of income from sources other than employment may be accepted. It was decided to send a copy of this all member associations of SCOVA.
2. This is informed that the claims submitted by a claimant member of family (other than spouse) for family pension after the death of a pensioner/family pensioner, in Form 14 and supported by the death certificate and PPO of the pensioner/family pensioner, may be processed in consultation with the Pay and Accounts Officer, who is the custodian of the pension file which contains all relevant Forms and information of the pensioner. In a very rare case where the name of the claimant member is not available in the records of the Head of Office as well as the Pay & Accounts Officer concerned and the claimant member also fails to submit a copy of PPO or Form 3 containing 'Details of Family submitted earlier by the deceased employee/pensioner, the certificates prescribed at serial number 9(v) of Form 14 may be accepted. In addition to these certificates, PAN Card, Matriculation Certificate, Passport. CGHS Card, Driving License Voter’s ID Card and Aadhar Number may also be accepted. Acceptance of voter’s ID card and Aadhar Number is subject to the condition that the pensioner/family pensioner certifies that he/she is not a matriculate and he/she does not have any of the documents mentioned in Form 14 or above Apart from these documents, the Ministries/Departments may accept any other document submitted by the claimant, which may be relied upon and which establishes the relationship of the claimant with the pensioner and/or contains his/her date of birth.
3. The applicant has also to prove that no other surviving member in the family, who may have a prior entitlement for family pension is eligible. For this purpose, the above and/or any other documents, such as marriage/death/income certificates of the other members which may be essential in a given situation may be used.
4. As decided in the SCOVA meeting, a copy of O.M. No.45/51/97-P&PW(E), dated 21.7.1999 is enclosed for circulation to all Ministries/Departments/Associations.

(D.K. Solanki)
Under Secretary