Monday, November 30, 2015

Process to examine the recommendations made in the report of the 7th CPC.

All Circle Secretaries, CHQ Officer Bearers, members and track in viewers are requested to furnish thier views to GS by email on or before 5/12/2015. 


  1. There were so many expectations from the 7th CPC but all went in vain. It would have been better if the DA is merged with basic instead of forming 7th CPC, so that huge amount would have been saved for the govt by non-constituting the CPC. The cost of living has raised by leaps and bounds but no relief to the poor Govt Servant. we do not give any marks to this CPC.

  2. Cadre restructure should be done. The grade pay of SAS/PAS should be at least 2800 instead of 2400. From SAS/PAS next promotion is IPO/IRM(through departmental exam). which is 4600 grade it should be minimum 2800 or 4200.