Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Revocation of suspension … case of Sri Buddhadeb Goswami, Inspector Posts, Khatra Sub Division, Khatra.

No. CHQ/AIAIPASP/Suspension/B.Goswami/2015                 Dated : 17/11/2015

Shri P. M. Lal,
Postmaster General,
South Kolkata Region,
Kolkata - 700012

Subject : Revocation of suspension … case of Sri Buddhadeb Goswami, Inspector Posts, Khatra Sub Division, Khatra.

Ref.      : DPS South Bengal Memo No. PMG (SB)/SP (Vig)/ Suspension / B. Goswami dated  15/5/2015 and 3/8/2015.

Respected Sir,

          This Association intends to bring to your kind notice that Sri Buddhadeb Goswami, Inspector Posts, Khatra Sub Division, Bankura has been placed under suspension w. e. f. 6/5/2015 by Sri R. Umrao, DPS, South Bengal Region, Kolkata 700012 without any enquiry or recording his statement in-contravention to the CCS/CCA Rule provisions to be relied upon. It is admitted fact that statuary provisions are covered and defined in CCS/CCA Rules but in this case these are being ignored and adjusted to the administrative convenience thereby giving adversity to IP/ASP cadre.

Sir, you will agree that power of suspension is to be sparingly exercised and not for extraneous consideration. This action should only be resorted to when prima- facie case against the official is so strong that warrants his removal/ dismissal/ compulsory retirement and should not be resorted to for petty offences as in the case of Sri Buddhadeb Goswami. Moreover to avoid greater hardship suspension should not be unduly prolonged but unfortunately in above case every rule has put on stake to administrative convenience.

Shri Buddhadeb Goswami has already made a request to your honour on 16/11/2015 for revocation of suspension. This Association would like to mention here that, he is the only earning person in the family and now facing financial difficulties to maintain education of his kids. His subsistence allowance is also not enhanced at the time of first review. Keeping in view the statuary provision and hardship of family your kind honour is requested to kindly intervene in the matter and consider the request of the officer sympathetically for revocation of his suspension on humanitarian ground.

Hence, the Association appeals to your kind honour to kindly examine the above issue and take a favourable decision in the matter so that one family can be saved from ruin.

With warm regards.       
Yours sincerely,

(Vilas Ingale)
General Secretary

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  1. Sir
    Its great job by our GS. Some high level officers think IP/ASPs dogs and cats and take decision on filmsy gorunds. Rule regulations should be followed. Deptt of Post is not their fathers property.