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Wishing all members and track in viewers

Options from the officers of Indian Postal Service (IPoS), Group 'A' invited for posting on Rotational Transfer for the year 2015-16

To view Directorate's Memo No. 4-9/2011-SPG dated 31st December 2014, please CLICK HERE

Conducting of Limited Departmental Competitive Examination for Promotion of to the cadre of Inspector Posts (66.66%) Departmental quota for the year 2014 held on 22nd and 23rd November 2014 - Display of Provisional Key

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Conducting of Limited Departmental competitive Examination for promotion of Lower Grade Officials to the cadre of Postal Assistants/ Sorting Assistants for the year 2014 held on 23-11-2014 - display of Provisional Key - Regarding

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Filling up of vacancies on deputation in Centre for Excellence in Postal Technology.

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Ensuring ‘Nanyatha’ in service

Android software launched to track letterbox clearances. To improve its business, it has sought AP Government’s permission to sell non-judicial stamp papers. It would also explore the possibility of entering e-commerce by developing a website to market products.

Android software for monitoring of letter box clearances is planned to be expanded all over Andhra Pradesh and Telangana by June-July 2015, Chief Post Master General B.V. Sudhakar has said.
He told reporters after launching the software ‘Nanyatha’ at Lawson’s Bay Post Office here on Tuesday that by January-end it would cover all the post offices in Visakhapatnam. The monitoring is already in place in Hyderabad and Vijayawada.
The software is aimed at cutting delay at clearance stage to address a frequent complaint over delay in delivery. The man clearing the post box will be given an android phone and the post-box lid will have a bar code. Using the device, he has to send the number of letters cleared to the AP Posts website which then scans the bar code to identify where it has been cleared, by whom and what time. Postal Department has plans to implement the software, developed in house, all over the country.
Mr. Sudhakar said the AP Circle has been leveraging technology to improve services and business deficit was brought down from Rs.465 crore in 2011-12 to Rs.387 crore in 2012-13 and to Rs.265 in 2013-14. “Contrary to popular perception, our business is increasing and the number of letters delivered has gone up from 19 lakh every day in the previous year to 22 lakh this year,” he said.
Mr. Sudhakar said soon the facility to withdraw cash, up to Rs.1,000, at post offices by swiping would be introduced. In the next phase, it would be extended to cashless transactions for booking speed post, registered post, parcels etc by using credit and debit cards. To improve its business, it has sought AP Government’s permission to sell non-judicial stamp papers. It would also explore the possibility of entering e-commerce by developing a website to market products.
TTD darsan tickets
The facility to buy TTD’s Special Darsan and Sudarshanam tokens will be introduced in 95 head post offices of AP and Telangana Circles from January 5, Chief Post Master General B.V. Sudhakar has said.

Now, post offices can provide ATM cards, account statements

Post offices moved a step closer to becoming banks. The government has allowed certain eligible branches to issue ATM cards to their account holders and also account statements instead of giving out passbooks, as most private sector banks do. 

On Tuesday, the government issued a gazette notification amending the 
Post Office Savings Bank General Rules, 1981. The rules will come into force immediately. These facilities will be available to the branches that are working on core banking solution software, essentially branches that part of an electronic network. 

Post offices currently provide savings account, recurring deposits, fixed deposits and many other small savings schemes run by the government including the popular Public Provident Funds. 

The funds raised by them largely go to finance central and state governments. India post currently has about 1.55 lakh branches, nearly 90% are in the rural areas, which many experts see as a good vehicle for financial inclusion. The notification says the post office savings bank could issue automated teller machine or debit card to account holders on request or otherwise which can be used to withdraw funds from any of the branches having core banking. 

The deposits to these accounts could be made and accepted through any electronic mode. The RBI had decided against issuing a banking licence to India Post when it gave out licence to 
IDFC and Bandhan Financial Services saying it would decide after consultation with government. The new rules notified by the government will push India Post closer to banks. 

Source:-The Economic Times

Retirement ......

Following PS Gr. B / JTS Gr. A (adhoc) officers are retiring today (31/12/2014) from Govt. Service on superannuation.  

Sl. No.
Name of Officer
T. Chandra Sekhar Reddy
SSRM, Stg Division, Hyderabad
Andhra Pradesh
B. P. Shukla
SRM, KP Division, Kanpur
Uttar Pradesh
Vijay Narayan Chaudhary
APMG % PMG, North Bengal & Sikkim Region, Siligudi
West Bengal
K. Laxmi Keshava
ADPS-II % PMG, SK Region, Bangalore
Sudist Narain Jha
Supdt. PSD, Muzaffarpur
Hemanta Kr Chatterjee
DDM % Director, PLI, Kolkata
West Bengal
S. D. Shukla
Supdt. Mumbai APSO (Inland), Mumbai
T. L. Arya
SSRM ‘O’ Division, Lucknow
Uttar Pradesh
Md. Abdul Jalil Sarkar
Sr. Postmaster, Guwahati GPO, Guwahati
Trinath Sahoo
SPOs, Dhenkanal Division, Dhenkanal
Som Nath Paul
Supdt. Coochbehar Division, Coochbehar
West Bengal
Triveni Prasad
ADPS-I % PMG, Allahabad Region, Allahabad
Uttar Pradesh
Interjeet Singh
Sr. Postmaster, Amritsar Division, Amritsar
H. N. Saste
Dy. Director, Mumbai GPO, Mumbai
Santosh Chakraborty
ADPS (Tech) o/o CPMG, NE Circle, Shillong

CHQ wishes them a very happy, healthy, peaceful and long retired life. 

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Commemorative Postage Stamp on Baba Amte

It has been decided by Department to release commemorative postage stamps and philately stationary items on Baba Amte on 30th December 2014. 

Murlidhar Devidas Amte popularly known as Baba Amte, was an Indian social worker and social activist known particularly for his work for the rehabilitation and empowerment of poor people suffering from leprosyBaba Amate was born to Mr. Devilal singh and Mrs. Laxmibai Amte in the city of Hinganghat in Wardha District of Maharashtra. It was a wealthy family. His father was a British government official with responsibilities for district administration and revenue collection. Murlidhar had acquired his nickname Baba in his childhood.
He came to be known as Baba not because "he was a saint or any such thing, but because his parents addressed him by that name."
As the eldest son of a wealthy landowner, Murlidhar had an idyllic childhood. By the time he was fourteen, he owned his own gun and hunted boar and deer. He developed a special interest in cinema, wrote reviews for the film magazine the Picturegoer and even corresponded with Greta Garbo and Norma Shearer. Norma Shearer became one of his first foreign donors when he began working with leprosy patients. When he was old enough to drive, he was given a Singer sportscar with cushions covered with panther skin. He never appreciated the restrictions that prevented him from playing with the 'low-caste' servants' children. "There is a certain callousness in families like mine." he use to say. "They put up strong barriers so as not to see the misery in the world outside and I rebelled against it.

Commemorative Stamp on Kuka Movement - 24th December 2014.

Commemorative Stamp on Kuka MovementUnion Minister for Communication & IT, Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad released a commemorative stamp to highlight heroic deeds of those engaged in Kuka Movement on the occasion of 150 years of Kuka Movement on 24th December 2014 at the function held at New Delhi.
The Kuka Movement marked the first major reaction of the people in the Punjab to the new political order initiated by the British after 1849. The Namdhari Movement, of which the Kuka Movement was the most important phase, aimed at overthrowing the British rule. The Namdharis were also known as “Kukas” because of their trademark style of reciting the “Gurbani” (Sayings/Teachings of the Guru). This style was in a high-pitched voice called “Kook” in Punjabi. Thus, the Namdharis were also called “Kukas”. The Kuka Movement made the people aware of their serfdom and bondage. It evoked the feelings of self respect and sacrifice for the country. Within a few years, the followers of the Kuka Movement increased manifold. They called for boycott of educational institutions of British and laws established by them. They were rigid in their clothing and wore only hand-spun white attire. The Kuka followers actively propagated the civil disobedience.
Commemorative Stamp on Kuka Movement released on 24th December 2014.
Commemorative Stamp on Kuka Movement released on 24th December 2014.

'Technology to be used to provide quick postal services'

VISAKHAPATNAM: The postal  department will use new technology to provide quick service to customers and  introduce new products to generate revenue, Chief Post Master General of Andhra Pradesh Circle  B V Sudhakar said here today.

Launching a smart phone-based Andriod solution to monitor letter box  clearance at the Lawson's Bay Colony post office here today, he said that the  facility is now functioning at Hyderabad and Vijayawada. 

The facility will enable people and the postal department to know the status of  letter box clearance and its dispatch to customers through a a smartphone which  would be given to postal clearance personnel who clear post boxes.

He  said that 700 post boxes are being monitored using the solution, which would be  extended to more than 500 post boxes in Visakhapatnam in a phased manner by  February 2015.
He said that the Andhra Pradesh circle has decided to sell Tirumala Darshan  tickets of Rs 50 and Rs 300 denomination through all 95 head post offices in  Andhra Pradesh and Telangana region from January 5, 2015. The facility would be  extended all sub-post offices in the circle from February 2015, he said.

He said that the postal department had already begun selling non-judicial stamps  through post offices in the Telangana region.

Cashless transactions  would be introduced in post offices in the rural areas, he said.

He  said that payments for registered post, parcels and other services would be  accepted debit and credit cards by installing swiping machines at post offices.

In rural areas where there is no banking facility, the postal department would  allow customers to draw upto Rs 1,000 from post offices.

He said that the  postal department's revenue deficit had come down from Rs 465 crore in 2011-12 to Rs 265 crore in 2013-14, adding that it has been planned to wipe out the  deficit in 2014-15.

Source :

Letter to Chief Secretaries regarding furnishing of information relating to Assets and Liabilities by Public Servants under section 44 of the Lokpal and Lokayuktas Act, 2013

To view, please CLICK HERE. 

Amendment to Small Savings Schemes, 2014

To view the Gazette notification, please CLICK HERE. 

Delegation of Financial Powers to Heads of Circles in the Department of Posts

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SB Order No. 13/2014 : Grant of Savings Bank allowance to Postal Assistants working in Savings Bank / Certificate Branches - Clarification - reg

Monday, December 29, 2014

Request to issue repatriation orders in PS Gr.B cadre

No. GS/AIAIASP/PS Gr./DPC/2014                              dated :  29/12/2014

Shri V. P. Singh,
Dy. Director General (P)
Department of Posts,
Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg,
New Delhi -110001.

Subject:     Request to issue repatriation orders in PS Gr. B cadre.

Respected Sir,

          It is learnt that Directorate is releasing the result of supplementary DPC for promotion to the cadre of PS Gr. B for the year 2013-14.  

          I would like to bring to your kind notice that Directorate has not given proper attention to this Association’s letters of even number dated 30/12/2013, 20/2/2014, 25/3/2014 and 4/10/2014  vide which it was requested to issue orders for convening supplementary DPC for promotion to the cadre of PS Gr. B and also consider repatriation of all Group B officers who have completed one year in outside Circles. There is acute shortage of IP/ASP/JTS/STS manpower in almost all the Postal Circle and every cadre man is overburdened. This is adversely affecting the implementations of many upcoming projects in Department of Posts. In many Circles upto 80% of Group “A” post are lying vacant and PS Group “B” officers are officiating against these posts constantly for years together creating resultant vacancies in Group “B” and imbalances upto IP/ASPs level.

It is therefore once again requested to consider the request of the PS Gr. B officers for repatriation to their parent circle at the same time of release of result of supplementary DPC for the vacancies 2013.  

          With New Year’s greetings,     
          Yours sincerely,

(Vilas Ingale)
General Secretary

Irregularity in seniority list of Inspector Posts cadre for the year 2000

 No. CHQ/AIAIPASP/Seniority List/IP-MAH-2000/2014                   dated 29/12/2014.

Shri V. P. Singh,
Dy. Director General (P),
Department of Posts,
Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg,
New Delhi 110 001.

Subject : Irregularity in seniority list of Inspector Posts cadre for the year 2000.

          I am enclosing herewith copies of representations dated 06/03/2013 and 23/12/2014 received from S. N. Shastri, Offg. Sr. PM, Dhule HO (Maharashtra Circle) addressed to CPMG, Maharashtra Circle, Mumbai regarding correction in seniority list of Inspector Posts cadre for the year 2000.

          The above named officer in his representation dated 6/3/2013 categorically stated that he has appeared for Inspector Posts Examination 2000 held on 23rd to 25th April 2001 and his result was declared under Directorate Memo No. A.34013/3/2001-DE dated 16/21 August, 2007. While declaring the result of said officer, it was already mentioned in the letter ibid that officer’s name will figure at Sl. No. 5 of Maharashtra Circles successful candidates list. Recently, Directorate vide Memo No. 9-09/2011-SPG dated 18/12/2014 has circulated seniority list of Inspector Posts cadre for the year 2000 in which above named officer’s name was not reflected.

This Association would like to bring to your kind notice that due attention was found not given to officer’s representation dated 6/3/2013 either at Directorate or at CO Mumbai and therefore his name was missing from the seniority list. It is therefore requested to kindly issue necessary corrections in the seniority list of Inspector Posts cadre for the year 2000 and also steps may kindly be taken to recirculate the corrected list at the earliest.  

          With regards,
Yours sincerely,

(Vilas Ingale)
General Secretary

Clarification regarding issue of medicines under CGHS

No. 2-2/2014/CGHS(HQ)/PPTY / CGHS(P)
Government of India
Ministry of Health & Family Welfare
Department of Health & Family Welfare
Nirman Bhawan, Maulana Azad Road
New Delhi 110 108
Dated: the 23rd December, 2014
Subject: Clarification regarding issue of medicines under CGHS
With reference to the above mentioned subject the undersigned is directed to state that the situation arising out of issue of Office Memorandum No 2/2014/CGHS(HQ)/PPTY / CGHS(P) dated the 25th August ,2014 has been engaging the attention of Government for quite some time. Various representations about the difficulties being encountered have been received from different stakeholders i.e., beneficiaries and doctors, necessitating a review of the matter. It was accordingly considered by a Committee under the Chairmanship of AS&DG,CGHS. After careful review and keeping the recommendations of the Committee in mind, the following guidelines are issued to streamline the functioning of the Wellness Centres:
i. The medicines are to be issued as per the CGHS Formulary and guidelines issued by this Ministry in this behalf.
ii. In case the prescribed medicines are not available in CGHS formulary, but are essential for the treatment of the patient, they can be issued / indented by the doctors of the CGHS Wellness Centre on the basis of a valid prescription of the authorized specialist subject to the condition that such medicines are neither dietary supplements/ food items nor banned drugs. Instructions on this issue i.e., non-admissibility of food items etc. issued vide O.M .No. 39-3/2003-04/CGHS/MSD/RS dated 23rd July 2009 and 3rd August 2009 must be followed.
iii. In case of anti-cancer drugs and other life-saving drugs that are not approved by the DCG1 for use in India, each case should be considered by the Expert Committee under the Chairmanship of Special DG(DGHS).
iv. The technical Standing Committee constituted vide 2-2/2014/CGHS(HQ)/PPTY / CGHS(P) dated 27.08.2014 of this Ministry will review addition or deletion of drugs in the CGHS Formulary/ list of Treatment procedures / investigations / listed implants. The Technical Committee will meet once in three months or as per need, whichever is earlier. In the meantime reimbursement for unlisted procedures / implants will be made at the rates approved by AIIMS/GB Pant Hospital / actuals, whichever is less.
2. The O.M. of even number dated 25.08.2014 is superseded to the above extent while O.M. of even number dated 1.10.2014 is withdrawn.
(Bindu Tiwari)
Director, CGHS(P)
(Tel 2306 1831)

‘One rank, one pension’ scheme before next Budget: Parrikar

Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar today said the ‘one rank, one pension’ policy would be implemented in the defence forces before the next Budget.

“One rank, one pension policy will be implemented. We are right now working on its detailing,” Parrikar said. The implementation has lot of financial implications which are being worked out, he said.

“It has a lot of financial implications. Details would be available only once we work it out,” Parrikar said.

‘One rank, one pension’ policy means soldiers of the same rank and same length of service get the same pension irrespective of their retirement date. Parrikar said the announcement to implement the policy was made in the last Budget.

“Now we will have to implement it. I have kept a target that it will be implemented before the next Budget. My effort is to ensure that it should be implemented as soon as possible. My target is that it should not wait for the next Budget,” he said.

Raising the issue in the Lok Sabha recently, the Congress had accused the government of delaying the implementation of the scheme. The OROP had been announced in the Interim Budget in February, but was yet to be implemented, Congress MP from Rohtak, Deepender Hooda, said in Parliament.

Deepender Hooda accused the bureaucracy of trying to dilute the original meaning of OROP as defined by the Koshiyari Committee, which was the petition committee of the Rajya Sabha. Hooda had asked the government to come out and announce the implementation of OROP. — PTI

Lokpal : Central govt employees now need to declare details of foreign accounts

All Central government employees will now have to declare details of deposits in foreign bank accounts which includes those of their spouses and children, as per the new rules notified under the Lokpal Act.

The Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) has notified a new form for the employees to declare details of their assets and liabilities, along with that of their spouse and dependent children, which is mandatory under the Lokpal Act. "Details of deposits in foreign bank(s) to be given separately," the notification said. The new form has been issued after concerns were raised by some employees regarding putting details of their assets and liabilities in public domain. However, the government is still mulling whether such details should be made available to public, official sources said.

The employees will also have to inform separately in case of any investments of over Rs 2 lakh made in movable assets, insurance, bonds, shares and mutual funds in the new form. "Investment above Rs 2 lakh to be reported individually. Investments below Rs 2 lakh may be reported together," it said. Earlier, the limit was Rs 1 lakh. In the latest form, employees need to declare expensive furniture, fixtures, antiques, paintings and electronic equipment also.

As per the Public Servants (Furnishing of Information and Annual Return of Assets and Liabilities and the Limits for Exemption of Assets in Filing Returns) Second Amendment Rules, 2014, a public servant shall file the returns of his assets and liabilities, including that of his spouse and dependent family members, for the current fiscal by April 30, 2015.  As per rules, all Group A, B and C employees need to declare such details as on March 31 every year on or before July 31 of that year. For the current year, the last date for filing these returns was September 15, which was later extended to December-end and now till April next year.

The declarations under the Lokpal Act are in addition to similar ones filed by the employees under various services rules. The DoPT has simplified the format for making such declarations which was issued in July and notified the new one on Friday. The government has done away with the fields including name of bank or financial institutions in which employees or their family members accounts are operated. Now the employees need to mention amount (cash and bank balance) only. In earlier form, employees were supposed to give details of motor vehicles, aircraft, yacht or ships. Whereas, in the new format, they need to give necessary details of motor vehicles only. There are about 26,29,913 employees in Group A ,B and C, as per the government's latest data.

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Additional Charge of DDG ( Postal Operations), Postal Directorate

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Banaras Saree by Post

Online marketplace Snapdeal has partnered with India Post to bring thousands of weavers and artisans from Varanasi online.  Snaeapdeal has launched a pilot with India post to set up facilitation desks at Varanasi Post offices to enable local weavers to sell their indigenous products such as famed Banarasi saree, on its plot form. " this is an endour by Snapdeal and India post to empower local artisans,small and medium entrepreneurs to sustain their lively hood by providing a platform to popularize their indigenous product".  Snapdeal CEO and CO founder Kunal Bahl said.  Through this association weavers will get access to national audience at neglible cost,he added.  The Post office will act as drop point for sellers, and India post will delkivers the goods to the buyers. " India has a number of unique highly specialized art forms and weaves".  How ever,with the fast changing fashion trends and readily available products, we are losing out on this which heritage.  If we do not act now, soon the rich designs and weaves will be extinct," Bahl said. 

Source: The Hindu dated 26.12.2014.

Notification for "Independence Day 2015 - Stamp Design Competition"

The last date of submission of entries is 15/3/2015. To view the entire notification, please CLICK HERE.