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Meeting of the National Anomaly Committee-17th July, 2012

No. 11/2/2008-JCA
Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, PG & Pensions
Department of Personnel & Training
North Block, New Delhi
Dated, the 18th June, 2012.

Subject: - Meeting of the National Anomaly Committee-17th July, 2012 at 3.00 PM.

The undersigned is directed to refer to OM of even number dated 2nd December, 2011 regarding the 41th meeting of the National Anomaly Committee which was held on 5th January, 2012. All the Agenda Items placed before it could not be discussed and the meeting had to be adjourned. This meeting will now be held in Committee Room No 119, North Block, New Delhi on 17th July, 2012 at 3.00 PM.

It is requested that you may kindly make it convenient to attend this meeting and also kindly confirm your participation urgently,Agenda Notes for the meeting will remain the same a were circulated earlier vide this Ministry’s OM of even number dated 16th December, 2011.

(Ashok Kumar)
Deputy Secretary to the Govt. of India


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Amendment in 'Tatkal' Scheme.

Source : PIB, June 29, 2012

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Savings Schemes Information and Maturity Values w.e. f. 01/04/2012.

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Up-gradation of GP of IPs ...update

It is learnt that up-gradation of Grade Pay of Inspector Posts from Rs. 4200/- to Rs. 4600/- file is returned by Ministry of Finance to DOP with query. The representative of Department of Posts is likely to meet the concerned officer of MOF in this week for detailed discussion in the matter. 

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Minutes of the 21st Meeting of Postal Sports Board held at Hyderabad on 5/6/2012 under the Chairpersonship of Secretary (Posts).

To view the details, please CLICK HERE.

SB Order 8/2012 released by Directorate.

SB order 8/2012 released in connection with settlement of claims where the claimant or near relatives are residing or depositor died in abroad. To view the Department of Posts letter No.116-40/2009-SB dated 18th June, 2012 (SB Order No.08/2012) please Click here.


Promotion from JTS to STS Grade.

To view the Department of Posts order No.4-34/2011-SPG dated 19th June, 2012 please Click here.


Friday, June 22, 2012

Collection of Study Materials for various Examinations.

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· M.C. Questions On Evidence Act for IPO exam .
Source : SAPOST

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Rule 38 Transfer cases of Surplus IPs.

To view FOUR letters issued to administration, please CLICK HERE.

Sexual Harrassment of Women in Work place ... FAQ on remedial measurers.

Extension of Risk Allowance till 31/12/2012.

To view the DOPT OM No.21012/01/2008-Estt. (Allowance) dated 18th June, 2012 please Click here.

Saturday, June 16, 2012


To see the details, please CLICK HERE.

Relaxation on LTC to visit to J & K.

DoPT has released OM contains the relaxation to travel LTC to Jammu & Kashmir extended for further two years from 16.05.12.
Click Here to download the OM.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Three per cent quota in Government Service for the Disabled is only for initial appointments not for Promotions - Madras High Court.

Three per cent quota in government service for the disabled is only for initial appointments, and the government cannot be directed to extend it for promotions, ruled the Madras High Court on Monday the, 11/6/2012. 
Dismissing a petition seeking a direction to the government to reserve three per cent for promotions to physically handicapped persons, Justice K. Chandru said: “The provisions are contemplated only for initial appointments and not for promotions. The petitioner has not made out any case to seek a direction to provide for reservation for the disabled persons in the matter of promotions in respect of State services.” 
The writ petition was filed by the South Arcot Vallalar District Handicapped Welfare Association, represented by its president S. Shanmugam, seeking reservation for the disabled in promotions. If suitable employees were not available in a particular year, the unfilled posts could be carried over for the next three succeeding years.
When the matter was heard, the State Commissioner for the Disabled stated that there was no government policy to reserve three per cent of posts in promotions to be filled from the disabled category.
The disabled persons were considered only for the direct recruitment posts under three per cent reservation as per a G.O issued in 1981. Promotions were made in government departments based on seniority or transfer of service.
Mr. Justice Chandru said it could be seen from the G.O. that reservation for disabled persons was only horizontal and not vertical as contemplated in Article 16 of the Constitution.
He said that even in respect of the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes, it was only by virtue of amendments made to the Constitution and by introduction of Article 16(4A) that the State had been empowered to make provision for reservation in promotion to any class or classes of posts in the service. 
Source: The Hindu, via

Indian Railways Unique Enquiry Number : 139

Indian Railways unique Customer Care and Enquiry Number 139 provides a host of information to its customers like PNR status, train arrival/departure timing, accommodation availability, train fare, online ticket booking etc. Customers need to simply dial 139 and after selection of language following prompts are available in the system:

“Press 1 to know about PNR status of waiting list reserved ticket”

“Press 2 for Arrival/Departure of train”

“Press 3 for accommodation availability”

“Press 4 to know about Fare enquiry”

“Press 5 to book your ticket through cash card and getting it delivered through courier or email”  

Press 6 to know the status of Mumbai Central Railway Suburban trains”.  

The system is so devised that a Customer need not wait will the entire announcement fed in the IVRS is completed. Customer can skip the same by pressing the desired code (viz., can press 1 for PNR status, 2 for Arrival/Departure etc.) after selection of the preferred language. In case of three unsuccessful attempts, the call is automatically transferred to Customer Care Executive for his further assistance. In addition, one can send different SMS formats to 139 to get information on PNR status, train arrival/departure timing, accommodation availability, train fare enquiry and location of running train.  

Source : PIB , Courtesy :

Central Government Employees Group Insurance Scheme (CGEGIS) – Revision of monthly subscription

National Federation of Indian Railwaymen (NFIR) demanded to increase the monthly subscription of CGEGI Scheme ten times with corresponding increase of maturity value.
Presently the amount deducted towards in this scheme from the monthly salary of different categories of Central Government employees is as under…
Group ‘C’ – Rs.30
Group ‘B’ – Rs.60
Group ‘A’ – Rs.120

The above rates were prescribed in the year 1990 and thereafter no upward revision has been made. There have been recommendations of 5th and 6th CPC since 1990 but unfortunately no upward revision has been considered by the Government in this direction till date. The federation requested to the Finance Ministry to kindly intervene the deduction of monthly subscription towards CGEGIS is raised ten times with corresponding increase of maturity value.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Agenda items for the Meeting of National Anomaly Committee.

To see the details please CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

PS Gr. B CAT Case update....

As already informed, the Hon'ble CAT Ernakulam Bench had passed an interim order on 21.05.2012 in OA 380/12 filed by two of our ASPs, (Sri. M.P.Ramesh & Smt. V.Sarada) directing to allow the applicants to appear for the examination provisionally. Subsequently, an MA for vacating the said interim order was filed by the Department which was dismissed by the Tribunal on 31.05.2012. On the same day, the interim order was challenged by the Department before the Hon'ble High Court of Kerala by filing OP(CAT) which was also dismissed by the Division Bench comprising of the Hon'ble Chief Justice, refusing to interfere with the interim order passed by the Tribunal.Ultimately, the applicants were permitted to appear for the Examination held on 03.06.2012.
Source : IP/ASP Kerala Blog

Solved questions of PS Group B Examination Paper-II (Qns 1-25)


1 . Which of the following action is not misconduct under CCS (Conduct) Rules 1964 Ans :Attendance as witness in a departmental enquiry
2 The strike includes the following actions of government servants
Ans : All the above
3 Which of the following activities does not attract violation of CCS (Conduct) Rules 1964
Ans : Collection of funds for service association
4 Which of the following should not be accepted by any government servant
Ans : Negotation for any other employment
5 Whether a government servant can enter into marriage with prior permission
Ans: with a person having a spouse living and the personal law applicable permit
6 The appellate authority under CCS(CCA) rules 1965 can
Ans : All the above three actions
7 Under CCS(CCA) rules 1965 . the power of review is vested in
Ans: President
8 The disciplinary authority can withhold any appeal in case
Ans: The appeal may not be withheld in any case
9 Central civil services (Conduct) Rules 1964 came into force with effect from
Ans : 30the November 1964
10 A Government servant holding Group A post may accept gift from near personal friends on occasions such as weddings anniversaries or religious functions
Ans : Up to Rupees Seven Thousand Only
11 Which of the following penalties is not treated as major penalties under CCS (CCA) rules 1965
Ans: Recovery from the Pay
12 Which is not penalty within the CCS(CCA) rules 1965
Ans : Non Promation of a government servant in officiating capacity
13 Which of the following event is not fit for treating as Dies Non;
Ans : Late coming to office
14 The disciplinary authority can appoint presenting officer to present the case on its behalf before the enquiry authority
Ans : Any other Government servant and legal practioner.
15 Which of the following cases is not fit for imposition of major penalty under CCS(CCA) rules 1965 against a government servant
Ans : Refusal of promation
16 Ex –parte enquiry may be conducted in the following cases
Ans:  All the above 
17 Central Civil services (Classification, Control and appeal) Rules 196 came into force on
Ans : 1st December 1965
18 An order of suspension made or deemed to have been made unless it is extended after review shall be valid for a period
Ans : 90 Days
19 A government servant shall be deemed to have been placed under suspension by an order of the appointing authority with effect from the date of his detention , if he is detained in custody , whether on a criminal charge or otherwise for a period exceeding
Ans: Forty Eight Hours
20 An order of suspension made or deemed to have been made under Rule 10 of CS (CCA) Rules , 196 shall be reviewed before the expiry of ninety days by the review committee shall not extend the suspension for a period exceeding
Ans : 180 Days
21 In terms of Rule 14 (8) (b) of the CCS (CCA) rules 1965 the government servant concerned may take assistance of a retired government servant subject to the condition that the condition that the retired government servant should not act as defence assistance in more than
Ans : Seven Cases
22 An order of dismissal from service under CCS(CCA) rules 1965 can be given effect from the date of
Ans : Issue of the dismissal order
23 Orders against which an appeal lies under CCS(CCA) rules 1965
Ans : Both the statements under (A) & (B) above are not correct
24 The records of disciplinary proceedings and appellate
Ans : 25 years
25 The following records /documents should be sent to the appellate authority , by the disciplinary authority while forwarding the appeal against a punishment order
Ans : Parawise comments on appeal Source: IP/ASP Kerala Blog