Thursday, November 12, 2015

Promotion and postings in Postal Service Group 'B' cadre - order dated 10.11.2015

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Last OC : Shri Tara Kant Roy (1992)       : Bihar 
Last SC : Shri M. P. Parmar  (1993)        : Gujarat 
Last ST : Shri A. K. Natrajan (1994)       : Tamil Nadu  

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  1. What about the left outs?. My seniority was 41st of 1992. But up to 71 of 1992 selected. There are no cases against me and APARS are GOOD. Then why I was not considered, does not seems that the DPC was held on merit grounds. Thus the long waited DPC is found to be a flop only. V.V.Raman, Manager NSH, Kochi-11