Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Direct Recruit Inspectors of Posts- SSC Examination-2008

270 candidates have been allocated to various Postal Circles vide Postal Directorate No. 7-26/2010 which can be downloaded from .The link can be accessed from


  •  G.S. attended General Body meeting of Delhi Circle Branch on 22-10-2010 and addressed the same.  General Body of  Delhi Circle gave farewell to following members on their retirement on superannuation:-
  1.     Shri L.R.Khurana ,Sr. PM, IPHO
  2.     Shri K.L.Meena, Dy.Manager, MMS
  3.   Shri K.S. Payal,ASP(HQ),ND South West Dn.
  •  Visited Ranchi on 24-10-2010 .G.S. attended Circle Conference of Jharkhand Circle Branch along with Shri U.C. Prasad, Vice  President , CHQ. Shri S.K.Sinha, officiating ADM(PLI) and Shri Satyapir Mandal, Inspector, Posts(BD) were elected as Circle President and Circle Secretary respectively .
  • Visited Patna on 25-10-2010 and addressed group meeting of IPs/ASPs of Bihar Circle arranged by the Circle Secretary, Bihar. G.S. also met with the CPMG/DPS (HQ), Bihar Circle as a courtesy call.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Central Working Committee Meeting

As intimated by Shri M.R Desai ,CS , Gujarat, venue for next CWC meeting will be AMBAJI (Gujarat) which is 30 Kms. from Abu Road R.S. Frequent bus service is available from Ahmedabad .

Deputation of ASPs and IPs to the Department.

Postal Directorate has called for applications for deputation of ASPs and IPs to the Department vide no. 4-1/2010-SPB-II dated 12-10-2010
Sub:- Deputation of  ASPs and IPs to the Department.
Services of ASPs and IPs are required in the Directorate. It is, therefore, requested that only such ASPs and IPs, who are willing to be deputed in the Directorate and have cleared their probation period and are not due for promotion with in the next two years, may submit their applications to their respective Circles for necessary action. An advance copy of the application may be sent to the Directorate by the applicants.
                                                                   (SURAJ BHAN)
                                                                   Asstt. Director General(SPN)

Latest Position on Important Issues

Today, I along with Shri. Jayanth, IP Karanataka Circle visited Dak Bhawan and met with various officers to ascertain present position in respect of below mentioned issues.

1. Revision of Grade Pay for IP:

File is still pending in the Establishment Division of the Directorate. Recruitment Rules of Income Tax Officers in CBDT and Superintendents in CBEC are required for further processing the case. Members may please help the CHQ to procure the same so that it could be submitted to the Department.

2. Result of PS Group B exam :

It is likely to be announced by the end of November 2010 or first week of December 2010.

3. PS Group B DPC for the year 2010:

It is likely to be held in November 2010. Exact date of DPC is yet to be fixed.

4. Outsourcing of examinations:

It is likely to be finalized by January 2011. All examinations are likely to be conducted on objective type.

5. Revision of Honorarium of Invigilators for departmental examinations.

Case is under consideration by the department. Department is in the process of collecting information on amount being paid for invigilators by the SSC/UPSC. Information from the UPSC is awaited. Members may please help the CHQ to procure the rates being paid by SSC/UPSC so that it could be shared with the Department.

6. Revision of Fixed stationery charges for the Sub Division:

File is reported to be sent to Finance Ministry for concurrence.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


            PREMIUM, postal services, such as business mails, logistic post and speed post, will get expensive as the government looks for ways to bring down the deficit of the postal department, which is running into thousands of crores. The department of posts (DoP) is considering a market based pricing for many of its products that do not have a social dimension to them to reduce the government subsidy. The idea is to have a sustainable costing and pricing mechanism for postal products and services, even as services are kept affordable for the common man, "said government official in the department of telecommunications and information technology.

            The department plans to get the new tariff structure in place before the budget session of Parliament next year and has decided to commission a study by a private consultant to freeze the proposal quickly.

            Tariffs for products, such as post cards and inland letters that are used by the poor are not likely to be raised.

            Post cards cost 50 paisa each while an unregistered inland letter costs Rs.2.50, well below what it takes DoP to deliver them. According to estimates , India Posts tariff is 70% cheaper for domestic destinations and 30% cheaper for international destinations , when compared to the tariff charged by private courier agencies .As per estimates, the department is expected to generate revenues of Rs.6956 crore, way below its working expenses of more than Rs. 10552 crore.

The Economic Times, New Delhi, 05th October, 2010.


In a first significant step towards consolidating similar financial products under one regulator, the department of posts (DoP) is exploring the option of handing over the regulation of its insurance products to the sector regulator, Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA), a move prompted by the ugly spat between the insurance regulator and the stock market watchdog, Securities and Exchange Board Of India (SEBI), over the regulation of unit-linked insurance products (ULIPs).

The DoP has sought the law ministry's opinion on whether the insurance schemes run by it could be brought under the regulatory ambit of the IRDA. It has also proposed to create a corporate entity to handle the schemes.

The decision to refer the matter to the law ministry was taken after the IRDA expressed its inability to regulate financial activities of the government (the DoP), which controls the insurance business of India Post, a government official told ET.

The finance ministry has favoured setting up of a corporate-like identity to handle India Post's insurance business that can be regulated under IRDA norms, said the official, requesting anonymity. While the IRDA is not opposed to the idea, it wants greater clarity on the matter as it will require changes to the legal framework that govern the insurance policies of the postal department.

The opinion of the law ministry could pave the way for bringing the insurance business of the postal department under the IRDA's jurisdiction. The department, which sells policies under the postal life insurance and rural postal life insurance schemes, acts within the framework of the Insurance Act. The IRDA has also pointed out that with the premium calculations of the postal department not on an actuarial basis, the postal life insurance schemes could be notching up serious deficits.

The postal department feels that an IRDA-regulated framework will allow it to make the scheme more flexible. The DoP, which acts as an agent of the finance ministry for its insurance schemes, lacks autonomy required to introduce new schemes or even providing attractive discounts to lure customers.

"The department is required to seek direction from the finance ministry for all policy matters like extension of scope to cover other clients and introduction of new products," said an official with the ministry of telecommunications and IT.

Even as the debate on regulatory control of postal life insurance goes on, the department has also requested for greater autonomy to its insurance schemes as it looks to expand its financial services business. "Corporatisation of the life insurance business will enable the postal department to compete with private insurance players on a level playing field," said the postal department official.

Private players have welcomed the move. "The move will help bring consistency in norms and activity pertaining to life insurance business," said Kapil Mehta, MD & CEO of DLF Pramerica Life Insurance Company of India. He added that the proposal, when implemented, will provide the postal department a level playing field as regards right products and schemes into the rural segment, which has been the primary focus for private players as well.

Courtesy: - Economics Times, Dated – 07.10.2010

Promotion into STS of IPoS Group A cadre

Postal Directorate has issused list of JTS officers promoted into STS vide memo no. 4-5/2010-SPG dated 08-10-2010.Promotion list of STS

Effective No. of Candidates for GDS Recruitment

The Postal Directorte has issued instructions reg "Effective No. of Candidates" for GDS Recruitment vide  Memo No. 19-27 / 2010-GDS Dt. 07.10.10.

Modified instructions on Recruitment of GDS thro Employment Exchange - Clarification of term "Effective No. of Candidates"

Attention of all concerned is invited to Para 3 of this Dte Order No. 19-4 / 97-ED & Trg Dt 19.08.98 which provided that "in case the notification and public advertisement so issued fail to elicit any response within the stipulated date or if the effective number of candidates applied for the post is less than 3, the vacancies will be re-notified to the Employment Exchange & fresh advertisement issued calling for nominations etc within 15 days"

2. The term "effective No. of candidates / applications" has undergone judicial scrutiny by CAT, Hyderabad in OA No. 516 / 2009 in the mater of Shri.Chennuri Raju vs Union of India & relying on judgement of High Court of Madras in WP No. 22500 & 20422 / 1999 in similar case CAT, Hyderabad has held in its judgement on 15.06.10 that "three effective applications mean three applications should be received and even if one of the candidates amongst the three applicants is eligible, the selection should be finalized"

3. The issue has been considered in this Dte in the light of the aforesaid judgement and i am directed to convey that term "effective No. of Candidates" finding a mention in the order of this Dte ibid may be interpreted to mean that three applications from the different candidates should be received and even if one of the candidates amongst the three applicants is found eligible, the selection should be finalized in conformity with the interpretation as referred to in Para 2 above.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Result of Insepector, Posts Examination-2009

Result has been declared by the Department of Posts vide no. A-34013/01/2009-DE dated 05-10-2010  which can be downloaded from The link can be accessed from website.

Bonus for Postal Employees for 2009-10

Bonus orders have been issued to day by Department of Posts.
Bonus for Postal Employees will be 60 days this year also and the maximum ceiling will be Rs.3500 for regular employees, Rs.2500 for GDS employees and Rs.1200 for casual & temporary employees.