Monday, February 24, 2014

50% DA Merger, Retirement Age 62 and Interim Relief – Cabinet is likely to clear some of these demands..!

This week may bring cheer to central employees and pensioners.
Central Govt. employees and pensioners will find reasons to celebrate this week.
The union cabinet is likely to clear some long awaited demands for it’s staff in the next meeting later this week The F.M., currently on foreign tour, likely to return India on 26th February and after which cabinet meeting is likely to take place.
According to information available with us, merger of 50% D.A., an additional hike of 10% D.A. from 01.01.2014, granting of Interim Relief and enhancing retirement age to 62 years are under the consideration of Govt. and some of these are to be approved in the next cabinet meeting.
As the notification of loksabha poll may be issued in the first week of March, this would be the last cabinet meeting before the code of conduct comes into force.
So the central employees and pensioners may definitely hope for some bonanza to be announced this week.

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