Monday, February 17, 2014

4 foods you should stop eating right now

Whether you're a diet-conscious person or someone who wants to get into the habit of healthy eating, there are certain foodstuffs you shouldn't touch if you want to achieve your goal of staying fit! We list a few...

Did you know, soda is loaded with empty calories from high fructose corn syrup? What's more, you should stop drinking soda, because it is known to contribute to
obesity and is also likely to increase the risk of diabetes and high-blood pressure in people.

White bread

Made out of maida, white bread is unhealthy because it is, quite literally, bleached! So this process not only rids the bread of its flavour but also of all its essential nutrients. So instead of white bread, opt for a wholesome, whole
grain or brown bread for your sandwiches.

Whole dairy

Of course, dairy and dairy products are good for your health, but whole-fat dairy is full of fat and cholesterol. So always choose low-fat dairy and its products, which has all the nutrients you need.

Fast foods

The amount of calories one fast food meal contains is almost equal to the amount of calories one must consume in the entire day! While some of these calories come from protein, most come from the sugar (of the soda) and the fat (usually the burger and fries!) in the food.
Source : TOI

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