Friday, October 21, 2016

Meeting on Allowances held with Unions/Associations on 19/10/2016 : brief note thereon

A meeting on allowances was held on 19.10.2016 at G.P. Roy Committee Room, Dak Bhawan, New Delhi under the Chairmanship of Shri B.V. Sudhakar, Secretary (Posts). Shri A.K. Dash, Member (P), Shri S.K. Dashora, DDG (Estt) and Director (Estt) were present.

Shri Vilas Ingale General Secretay, Shri P. Ajit Kumar, Asst. General Secretary-I and Shri Arup Seal, Circle Secretary West Bengal Circle attended the meeting. 

Discussion on following allowances to be retained in Department of Posts was held. All the union leaders took active part in the discussion and requested Chairman to recommend retention of following allowances strongly to MoF. The views of Secretary (Posts) were positive on the allowances discussed in the meeting. We hope positive outcome.

1)  Fixed Medical Compensation being given to Postman:

It is proposed that suitable increase in the FMC say Rs. 200/- per day for additional beat and Rs. 100/- per day for divided beats and further increase in it by 25% very time when 50% increase in DA.

2)  Special allowance to PO and RMS Accountants :

It is proposed that the allowance is required to be continue with justified increase in the allowance. The allowance be re-notified as per provision laid down in para No. 8.2.5 of the 7CPC report.

3)  Cycle Allowance :

It is proposed to retain with doubled the amount.

4)  Cash handling and Treasury Allowance:

It is proposed that cash handling allowance for its staff not only to be retained and also required to be increased proportionately.

5)  Overtime Allowance :

Long discussion held on this issue. Department recommends not only to retain the OTA in Department of Posts but also to increase the OTA to Rs. 100/- per hour and further increase by 25% every time the DA increase by 50%.

6)  Saving Bank Allowance in Post Offices :

Department proposes that the Saving Bank Allowance be retained at doubled rate of the present allowance.

7)  Family Planning Allowances :

Department proposes that the Family Planning Allowance should not be withdrawn from one already granted.

8)  Fixed Medical Allowance :

In the interregnum period, the FMA may be allowed at rate of Rs. 2000/- per month.

9)  Headquarter Allowance :

Department proposes to retain the Headquarters Allowance at the uniform rate of 10% of the basic pay subject to ceiling of Rs. 4000/- per month to all eligible JAG/STS/JTS/AD/AAOs/Sr.AO/ASPs/IPs officers in Department of Posts.

10)              Other Allowances :

a)  Split Duty Allowance :

For performance of split duty having break of less than 2 hours and residence being beyond 5 KM from duty place.

b)  Outstation Duty Allowance :

For performance of outstation duties while performing duties on sections

c)   Night Halt Allowance :

In lieu of TA for night halt away from HQ while on their beats in the course of their duty.

d)  Special Allowance : ( Special Allowance is admissible to DPS posted at Unit HQ at Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai / JTS officers when posted at HQ / APMG (C), APMG (Planning), APMG (Vig.) in Circle Office/ PS Gr. B officers posted as Administrative Officers at PTCs, Assistant Directors in COS/ROs / PS Gr. B officer posted as Supdt. Seals Aligarh / PS Gr. B officers posted as Lectureres, ASPs in PTCs / LSG Officials employed as instructors in PTCs / Technician in PTCs. / SAs when posted in CO as Stg. Complier / IPs when posted as Platform Inspector / Project Operator Sound / Franking Machine Operator / Photocopier Operator (MTS) / Generator Operator / Clerical and allied cadres working as JA/SA, Pas on passing JAO Part-II Exam but awaiting promotion.

Department proposes to retain allowances to above posts as arduous nature of duties.

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