Thursday, February 17, 2011

Allotment of Surplus Qualified candidates against OC, SC & ST vacancies of IP Examination held from 10 to 12-08-2007

Postal Directorate has allotted  following 16 Surplus candidates (08 OC+05 SC+03 ST) vide no.A-34013/03/2007-DE (Pt.) dated. 11.02.2011.On the basis of options received from the surplus qualified candidates, allotment of Circles has been made on the basis of merit.
Candidates will be deputed for the next batch of Induction Training in consultation with the concerned PTCs and Circles to which the candidates are allotted.

Sl.No. Name of the candidate       Roll No.                               Circle to which allotted

                                             Surplus OC Vacancies

1.    Lokesh  Sharma (318)                 DI-36/IPO/2007                        Gujarat
2.    Braham Prakash, SC (311)          DI-136/IPO/2007                      Gujarat
3.    C.S. Preethi (302)                        KN/IP/07/135                           Karnataka
4.    R.Radhakrishna Murthy  (285)      AP/IP/055/2007                        Gujarat
5.    P.Parthan,SC  (284)                     TN/066/IPO/07                         Gujarat
6.    A.Rajasekharan (278)                   TN/172/IPO/07                         Jharkhand
7.    Sanjay Biswas  (278)                    WB-23/IPO Exam/2007            Jharkhand
8.    K.Shyamasundara Rao  (278)       AP/IP/085/2007                        Jharkhand

                                             Surplus SC Vacancies

1.     Ram Niwas,SC (288)                   HR-14/07                                  MP
2.     Dharmender Kumar,SC (273)     DI-147/IPO/2007                       MP
3.     Kamlesh Kumar, SC  (268)         HR-48/07                                   MP
4.    J.Hema Bharathi, SC(260)           TN/139/IPO/07                         Tamil Nadu
5.    Vijay Kumar-III, SC (259)          DI-167/IPO/2007                       J&K

                                            Surplus ST Vacancies

1.    Raju Gurung, ST (298)                 IPO-2/NE/2007                         Jharkhand
2.    Duzo Kiso, ST  (250)                   IPO-6/NE/2007                          MP
3.    Om Prakash Meena (219)           RJ/IPO/108/2007                        MP

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  1. On promotion the policy followed by the Department of Posts is discriminatory. Wherein, male are forced to accept promotion outside their home circle and run two establishment leaving behind their children and family. In future, all vacancies to arise are to be reserved for female IPs. Male IPs are left with option decline when the family circumstances arise.