Thursday, October 16, 2008


Whether ASPs are eligible for Festival Advance as per the Memo No 12(1)/E.III(A)/2008 dated 7th October 2008 of Ministry of Finance????? The Ministry of Finance has issued above Memorandum for amendment in the Compendium of Rules on Advances to Government Servants. The amendment relates to Grant of Festival advance is as under:- In Rule 53, in clause relating to eligibility for festival advance, for the words and figures “whose basic pay and dearness pay taken together does not exceed Rs 12,450(Rupees Twelve thousand four hundred and fifty) per month”, the words and figures “whose Grade Pay does not exceeds Rs 4800/- (Rupees Four thousand eight hundred)”. Shall be substituted.

The Rule 53 of Compendium of Rules on advances to Government servants is reproduced below:- X. SPECIAL CONDITIONS OF GRANT OF ADVANCES IN CONNECTION WITH FESTIVALS AND VISITS OF GOVERNMENT -SPONSORED PARTIES TO HILL-STATIONS PART I. - FESTIVAL ADVANCES Rule 53. Powers of Sanction.-A Head of Office may sanction an advance, on the eve of an important festival, to a non-Gazetted Government servant under his administrative control whose basic pay and dearness pay taken together does not exceed Rs. 12,450 (Rupees Twelve thousand four hundred and fifty) per month. EXPLANATION.-In this rule, the term (a) "non-Gazetted Government servant" includes similar categories on staff in Industrial Establishments under the Central Government and work-charged staff who are eligible for Pension or Contributory Provident Fund benefits, but does not includes staff paid from contingencies. 35 (b) "important festival" means such festival or one of such festivals, as a Head of Department/an Industrial Establishment may declare in respect of establishments under his/its administrative control. Now you can understand whether ASPs are eligible for Festival advance..

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