Sunday, February 21, 2021

GS Visited Directorate on 18th and 19th February, 2021.

To view Grievances of Association submitted to Secretary, Department of Posts please Click Here.

To view Grievances of Association submitted to DG Posts please Click Here.

To view letter addressed to Member(P)  for amendment in Recruitment Rule in respect of eligibility service for promotion to the post of Assistant Superintendent of Posts Click Here.

Visited Directorate on 18th and 19th February 2021. On 18th February 2021 accompanied by Shri Vikash Sharma, CS, Punjab Circle, Shri Ramnarayan Singh, CS, Delhi Circle and Shri Manish Shrivastav, ASP from Directorate met Member(P), DG Posts and Secretary (Posts) submitted the grievances of the Cadre as above discussed all the issues. All the issues were responded to positively. CR File is cleared by IFW on 20th February and it is to be submitted to DoE on approval of MoC. NFG proposal is now with MoF and we have been told that a reminder will be issued in the matter. 

On the inspection questionnaire, inputs were provided by the concerned Division that the number of Passbooks has been reduced by withdrawing cent per cent verification of TD Passbooks. We have firmly mentioned that verification of 108 (9 schemes x 12PBs) in a BO during the Annual Inspection is not practically feasible. Both Secretary(Posts) and DG Posts are convinced and will take a decision discussing with the concerned Divisions. In this regard, we have also met DDG(FS) and expressed our concern.  

We have also met Member(PLI). Payment of PLI incentive for the policies already procured by IPs/ASPs, though restriction on procurement of PLI business IPs/ASPs was OM No.28-06/2014-LI dated 03-05-2017 is now under consideration as per our request. We have been told that a report has been sought from each Circle in this regard. 

Documents and APARs for the convening of DPC for promotion to the cadre of PSS Group 'B' for the vacancy year 2021 is likely to be called for in March 2021.


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