Monday, December 18, 2017

Special casual leave to Mumbaikar on 30/08/2017

Department of Posts
Office of the Chief Postmaster General, Maharashtra
Circle, Mumbai-400 001

No. STA/2-4/2017  dated at Mumbai the, 18/12/2017
Approval of the Chief Postmaster General, Maharashtra Circle, Mumbai is hereby conveyed for grant of Special Casual Leave to officials those who could not attend duties on 30/08/2017 due to heavy rain and dislocation of train services in Central, Western, Harbour and Trans Harbour line local train services in Mumbai, Thane & Navi Mumbai Region (Except Nashik/ Malegaon Dn).

(S.B. Vyavahare)
Asstt. Postmaster General (Staff)
0/0 Chief Postmaster General
Mumbai 400001.

Copy to:
l .     The Postmaster General, MM / Mumbai / Navi Mumbai Region, Mumbai  400 001 .
2.       The Director, Mumbai GPO, Mumbai 400 001 .
3.       SSRM/SRM Air Mail Stg. Dn./Mumbai Stg. Dn/Central Division, Mumbai.
4.       SSPOs/ SPOs in Mumbai City.
5.       The ADPS Foreign Post, Mumbai 400 001 .
6.       All Group officers in Circle office, Mumbai 400 001 .
7.       Sr. Manager, MMS, Worli, Mumbai 400 001 .
8.       The Office Supdt. Circle office, Mumbai 400 001
9.       SSP Thane Dn /Navi Mumbai/ SPO Palghar Dn/ Raigad Dn.
10.     All Section Supervisors, Circle office, Mumbai 400 001 .
11.     All Circle Secretaries of recognized Union/ Association.

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