Wednesday, May 11, 2011


CAT case filed in Chandigarh bench was listed for today. The case has been adjourned to 24.05.2011 after having assurance from the Department that they will file written reply before the next date of hearing. If Department failed to do so, we will request Hon’ble Court to provide interim relief . In case the department filed the reply ,the case will be heard on merit.

I am receiving number of calls from my esteemed members to know the nature of case we have filed, whether it is against the PS Group “B” examination or Postmaster cadre. It is for the information of members that the case is neither against any examination nor Postmaster cadre. We are fighting for correct calculation of vacancies under each quota and promote the IP/ASP in their respective quota of vacancies. You will agree that there are 866 posts of PS Group B, out of which 649 (75% of total strength) posts have been earmarked for the promotion through seniority cum fitness from IP Line officials, 165(19%) posts through Limited Departmental Competitive Examination from IP Line and 52(6%) posts from General Line officials through examination. Now, since Postmaster cadre has been carved out by creating 116 posts from General Line ,(see Notification) then why and how the LDCE is being conducted for 6% General Line officials. As far as 19% quota is concerned ,the roster for this quota is already full. At present , 162 out of 165 posts are filled, how 32 vacancies have been calculated by the Department. Finally, we have demanded that there should not be any effect on 649 posts earmarked for promotion through seniority of IP Line officials. Examination should be held if there is any vacancy in their respective quota and distribution of vacancies for Examination should only be within 25% without effecting 75% quota. 

SOURCE: Punjab Circle IP/ASP Association Blog


  1. nice initiative.
    Good luck for stay.
    Try to get a copy of the clarification issued by the Department in respect of Postmaster Group B examination
    where in it was stated as
    HSG.I is classified as Gr. B
    (non-Gazetted) whereas
    ASPOs cadre is conferred with
    Gazetted Group 'B' status.
    Moreover according to the
    policy of Government, a cadre
    cannot have multiple channels
    of promotional avenues. As
    such, the Recruitment Rules
    of HSG.I in Post Offices which
    have since become redundant
    are being reviewed and till
    such time the Recruitment
    Rules are notified, no OPC
    meeting should be held for
    Go through it
    GS/IRM/ASRM Association

  2. Klekshmanan, ASP(HQ), Kovilpatti Division.May 13, 2011 at 11:00 PM

    It is a shame to the members like me that the secretary of our assn and co is not able to take any action either for pay revision or for conducting the DPC(Group B and JTS) early. Instead only opportunity this cadre is getting to write the examintion is blocked by these great people. I am very sad that people like you have to save this cadre instead you are ruining the promotional avenues. why did not you take any action to press the DG to conduct the DPC which is pending for the last two years. what happened to our pay revision. Instead you are spending your brain in blocking the promotional examiantion that too you mentioned that examination should be conducted only if there is a vacancy. If DPC for JTS cadre conducted which is pending for the last three years, more vacancies in 25% would have been created. Where you have gone. Shame, Shame and Shame .... No more words to say about your great thinking.