Friday, June 25, 2010

Allotment of Surplus Qualified candidates of IP Examination 2008 held on 5-7th November 2008 in OC vacancies

Sl.No    Name of the candidate  Roll No.     Category     Circle to which allotted
1          Arvind Kuksal        DL-40/IPO/2008                      Uttarakhand

2          Sanjay Kumar        DL-96/IPO/2008                      U.P

3         Arvind Kumar        DL-10/IPO/2008                     U.P

4         Krishan Kumar      HR-43/2008                            Rajasthan

5        Deepak Sah           DL-23/IPO/2008-P                  Bihar

6       Munish Miglani       HR-71/2008                            H.P

7       Ms.Manmeet Kaur DL-36/IPO/2008        SC         Rajasthan

8       P.Kannan               TN/064/IP/08                            M.P

9       M.Janagaraj           TN/111/IP/08                            Chhattisgarh

10     Sunil Kumar           HR-58/IPO/2008                       H.P

11      Ms.Ravita Kumari  PB-71/IPO/08                            Punjab

12       Ms.A.Abirami     TN/097/IP/08                             Tamil Nadu

13       Sushil Kumar      HR-66/2008                                Uttarakhand

14        P.Premanand     TN/051/IP/08                              Gujarat

15        Bal Kishan         DL-13/IPO/2008     SC               Uttarakhand

16        S.Srinivasan       TN/026/IP/08                              Gujarat

17        D.Ezhilkumaran TN/178/IP/08                              Gujarat

18        H.A.Giridhar     KN/IP-08/104                             Gujarat

19       J.Balaji              TN/174/IP/08                              Gujarat

20   Ms.A.M.Muthukumari TN/003/IP/08                    Tamil Nadu

21       Ms.B.Menaka   TN/106/IP/08                              Tamil Nadu

22       Ms.P.I.E.Rajabai TN/120/IP/08                           Tamil Nadu

23       M.Neelakandan  TN/012/IP/08                             M.P

24   Ms.Smita Mahapatra  OR/IPO-15/2008                  Orissa

25       Ms.B.Gowri      TN/098/IP/08                           Tamil Nadu

26       Jai Singh           HR-80/2008                              Rajasthan

27 Ms.N.Jayalakshmi  TN/101/IP/08                           Tamil Nadu

28  Sriram Ch.Acharya OR/IPO-35/2008                  West Bengal

29       Rakesh Kumar               HR-08/2008            Uttarakhand

30       Rajesh Kumar               HR-56/2008            Uttarakhand

31        B.Karthikeyan           TN/050/IP/08             U.P

32       Satnam Dixit             PB-53/IPO/08             H.P

33      S.Bhagyaraj              K/IP-21/08                  Bihar

34      Ganeswar Sahoo     OR/IPO-27/2008        West Bengal

35      T.Durga Prasad       AP/082/2008              Rajasthan

36 Ms.Madhusmita Padhy OR/IPO-80/2008      Orissa

37       J.Rajkumar             TN/023/IP/08           M.P

38       Ms.Bindu.G.S     K/IP-85/08                 West Bengal

39      A.Sunil Kumar   AP/IP/054/2008             M.P

40      T.Selvam          TN/078/IP/08              Unwilling

41      R.P.Balaji       TN/115/IP/08                Rajasthan

42 Ms.K.Anuradha  AP/IP/073/2008          A.P

43 Gisrish Ch.Sahu   OR/IPO-60/2008       Chhattisgarh

44  Basant Kumar Talan  DL-37/IPO/2008   Rajasthan

45     S.Biju                 K/IP-15/08                U.P

46 Rajendranath Giri   OR/IPO-36/2008       West Bengal

47 Rattan Kumar.R     K/IP-98/08               Bihar

48 M.Perumbadayan  TN/119/IP/08           West Bengal

49 Minaketan Pradhan OR/IPO-38/2008   West Bengal

50  Ms.Bindu.B        K/IP-20/08    SC      Unwilling

51 A.Selvarajan     TN/129/IP/08  SC     No vacancy in the Circles
                                                              opted for.

52 M.G.Ramachandraiah  KN/IP-08/239 Rajasthan

53 Ranjan Ku.Nayak  OR/IPO-46/2008  West Bengal

54 S.Manivel         TN/060/IP/08    SC    Rajasthan

55  P.Kaviarasan   TN/144/IP/08   SC     Rajasthan

56 A.Srinivasa Rao AP/IP/191/2008      Chhattisgarh

57  Ms.Kavitha.A   K/IP-17/08           West Bengal
58  Baiju Kumar.K  K/IP-86/08          West Bengal

59 A.K.Prasanth    K/IP-91/08          West Bengal

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  1. Sir,
    It is intimated that I, Sanjoy Biswas, PA Krishnanagar HPO ,WB Circle,(Roll No.WB-23/IPO Exam/2007) have been selected as surplus qualified OC candidate of IPO Examination 2007. My name has been noted under serial no 7 in Annexure-III i.r.o. IP Review result 2007 issued vide Dte's letter No.A-34013/03/2007-DE(pt.) dated at New Delhi the 16-07-2010. I submitted option for getting allotment to other circle in respect of seven OC vacancy (4 Gujrat circle and 3 Jharkhand Circle). Kindly intimate as to whether allotment order of 7 more surplus qualified OC candidates (Annexure-III) i.r.o said Dte’s order has been issued? If not, when it will be issued.