Friday, September 25, 2009


1. DPC for promotion to PS Group B is held up for want of few more CRs from Maharashtra, Tamilnadu and U.P Circles. Circle Secretaries may please contact Circle offices and arrange to send the remaining CRs early.
2. GDS Committee Report is coming for discussion before the Cabinet Committee today (17.9.2009) and the Committee is likely to nod its approval for implementation. Implementation orders may be issued any time within a week.
3. Central Working Committee Meeting under the Chairmanship of Shri.S.B.Mahapatra, our President was successfully held at Pushkar, Rajasthan on 01 & 02.8.09. A large number of members from 15 Circles participated in the deliberation. Minutes of the CWC is being issued separately. We submit our sincere thanks to Shri. Hari Prasad Sharma outgoing Circle Secretary Rajasthan (now promoted to Gr B) and Shir. Atma Ram ASP for their hard work and hospitality during CWC.
4. Circle Conference of Rajasthan also was held side by side at Pushkar on 02.8.09. Shri. Atma Ram ASP Ajmer R.O and Bhupendra Parashar IP(C) C.O Jaipur have been elected as Circle President and Circle Secretary respectively. We congratulate them for a successful tenure.
5. Delhi Circle will hold the next All India Conference at New Delhi during first week of April 2010. Exact dates of the Conference will be announced very soon. Reception Committee under the leadership of Shri. Roop Chand AGS, Shri. R.D.Sharma CS Delhi Circle and Shri. D.C.Sharma Secretary Reception Committee, 36th All India Conference is making elaborate arrangements for the successful conduct of the conference. Donation tickets are being despatched to all Circle Secretaries and CHQ Office bearers. All are requested to extend their full support and co-operation in raising fund the conference.
6. A new and peculiar problem has arisen in Maharashtra Circle. ASPs in Goa Region have been issued with Rotational Transfer order on completion of their normal tenure. The order was issued during May 2009. But till date the ASPs are not relieved to join their new posts on the plea that they have not achieved the BD target. Where ever we go, whether it is old post or new post targets are kept ready and waiting for us. It has become our bounden duty to achieve the target. But not relieving an IP or ASP on transfer on this ground is too much. Target can be achieved when the staff are happy. We depend on GDS to achieve any target. We cannot do business without their co-operation in the rural area. While pay and perks of regular employees have been enhanced, the poor GDS are left in lurch. Their long pending grievances regarding revision of their allowances are yet to be settled by the government. General Secretary called on DG Posts on 16.9.09 and brought this matter to the notice of DG. DG Posts was requested to settle the GDS problem first and also help to relieve the ASPs in Goa Region. DG assured to issue positive instructions to chief PMG.
7. Grade Pay of IP/ASP/PS Gr B is still pending with the Department. Some quarries have been raised by IFA. It is yet to be cleared by concerned Section. GS discussed the matter with DG Posts and Madam is in favour of our demand. GS will pursue further and exert pressure on this issue.
8. Circle Working Committee meeting of Tamil Nadu Circle will be held at Pollachi on 24th September 2009.
9. Circle Working Committee Meeting of Madhya Pradesh Circle will be held on 02 October 2009 at Hoshangabad.
10. A general body meeting has been arranged by Kerala Circle at Calicut on 03 October 2009. General Secretary will participate in the meeting.
11. Public Services International organized Workshop on “Trade Union Rights and use of ILO mechanism” at Ooty, Madurai & Thanjavur for the benefit of various trade unions of different public services in the state of Tamilnadu. From our Association 20 members participated.
12. Even after 20 years the Second Cadre Review was not implemented by the Department. A decision was taken in the CWC Pushkar to file two different Writ Petitions before Hon’ble High Court of Madras and Hon’ble High Court of Punjab and Haryana at Chandigarh by the respective Circle Branch of our Association. It is under preparation. Shri. P.R.Satyanarayanan our former President will help us.
S.Samuel General Secretary

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